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Access the BEST Certified Licensed Professional Investigators and Detectives in the Industry directly from our trusted network. We offer Premium comprehensive services in RENTON WASHINGTON at an AFFORDABLE PRICE! Call or Contact us TODAY @ (206) 737-2023 for a FREE Consultation!


PI NEAR ME | PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR NEAR ME RENTON WA Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives



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We're glad you're here!

This will be the last site you'll ever need for investigative needs.

You never purchase the wrong size of shoes, right? When there is a fantastic school nearby, you don't send your children there, right? And you certainly don't recommend your loyal consumers to your rivals. My point is? If you choose the incorrect investigative company because you believe that one size fits all—or because it is nearby or affordable—you run the risk of making a significant, expensive error.

Likely, you're probably coming to us with a heavy heart, a difficult decision to make, a legal issue that might wreck your life, or a scenario that requires professional advice. When it counts, experience does matter, trust me. In terms of surveillance investigations, our experts are licensed, qualified, and compassionately care about serving our clients. We take pleasure in not "nickel and diming" those lacking in experience and expertise—you know, the people who rely on price cuts to make up for their lack of knowledge. We are familiar with federal and state rules and legislation.

We take great delight in providing customers across the state of WASHINGTON with excellent private investigation services. Whether your issue concerns insurance fraud, a background check, child custody, or a divorce, we are here to help. Perception is important in business; all our licensed investigators are also required to take rigorous extra training before they are allowed to conduct private investigations in the State of WASHINGTON. Our team's varied backgrounds enable us to provide additional services at the most competitive prices.

Why work with us?

When clients choose to hire us, they receive several wonderful advantages. You can be sure that your case will be kept confidential by our private investigators thanks to our experience and dedication to you and your privacy. With years of expertise in both criminal and civil investigations, licensed and insured private detectives maintain the utmost professionalism. To assist and provide you with the most up-to-date and accurate information, we have access to some of the most advanced and highly effective databases used by law enforcement.

No matter how complicated your scenario may be, we will only send the most skilled and qualified investigators to handle your case. We deal with people, as well as with law enforcement, insurance providers, small and large organizations, and corporations. We approach each matter professionally and discreetly. To maintain and uphold our clients' faith in us, we offer a very high bar of quality and always give no-cost phone consultations.

We provide a wide range of investigative services in RENTON WA

  • Surveillance

  • Child custody

  • Adultery

  • Fraud

  • Background checks

  • Case preparation for court

  • Criminal investigations

  • GPS car tracking

  • Persons locating

We will help you collect all the evidence required for your case. Please rest assured, that regardless of the scale or complexity of the problem you may be facing, we are always there to assist you with complete privacy and compassion.

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You will find that “private investigator” and “private detective” are both used. There is no difference between a private investigator and a private detective. Detective refers to someone who investigates crime who is directly tied to law enforcement. The truth is that unless they are directly employed full time through local police departments they are technically a private investigator.


40 states require a PI Firm or Agency license issued at the state level if you want to own or operate a private investigations agency. The other 16 licensing jurisdictions don’t issue separate PI agency licenses. Instead, they either 1) don’t license PIs or PI agencies at all, 2) recognize individually licensed PIs as being able to establish a PI business by following the standard rules for business licensing, or 3) require individually licensed PIs to meet requirements that are similar to what is usually required for agency licensing and consider the licenses to be one and the same.


Surveillance Services in RENTON WA:

Possibilities for Counter-Surveillance

The world of today is not what it once was. Your privacy may be at risk due to the widespread use of bugging devices and other cutting-edge eavesdropping technology. We provide counter surveillance services as a result. Your privacy being violated might have fatal repercussions.

Consider these common situations

  • What if there was a pinhole camera concealed somewhere in your home that was recording or, worse yet, viewing every private chat you had with your partner, family, or friends?

  • What if these covert gadgets allowed access to your company's confidential data?

  • Does your former partner or another person you’re worried about constantly know where you are?

We can assist you if you believe that you are the subject of unwanted monitoring at your home or place of business.

Utilizing the latest cutting-edge techniques and technology, our highly skilled countermeasure specialists will do a thorough check of your residence, place of business, and/or vehicle. You may be confident that whomever or whatever is spying on you will be found when you employ our anti-surveillance services. Our surveillance detection experts have the knowledge and skills to employ cutting-edge technology to discover what gadgets could be infiltrating your home, place of business, or car.

Contact one of our professionals right now to schedule an in-home privacy threat analysis.

Investigation services based on surveillance

Each investigator on our crew is a surveillance specialist, and they are all obligated to take active training hours regularly to keep knowledgeable about cutting-edge tools and surveillance methods. We take detailed, expert digital photos and/or video footage even in the most delicate. Plus, are experts in dangerous situations since we employ cutting-edge covert audio/video surveillance technology. We treat every surveillance case with the utmost seriousness and recognize the value of complete secrecy.

Our investigation services based on surveillance are carried out by specialists who will gather

  • Paperwork

  • Video evidence from unfaithful partners/lovers

  • Workers' compensation claims

  • Insurance fraud

  • Employee theft.

After the investigation is complete, we will give you a thorough report that breaks down each hour of surveillance that was carried out as well as any behavior that was noticed throughout the inquiry. Along with your complete written report, you will also receive high-definition digital photos and/or video. These items give you verifiable proof, plus we employ practically every legal strategy to maintain our stellar reputation.

Technology-based surveillance

Technology is a key tool for most professions, and a bug sweep technician is no exception. We can conduct even the most complex private investigations thanks to the greatest surveillance equipment currently available. We can locate even the smallest hidden devices thanks to our low-frequency scanning technology. We can probably identify the location of any concealed cameras and tapped phones, that can jeopardize your security.

Infidelity RENTON WA | Cheating Partner RENTON WA | Cheating Spouse RENTON WA | Cheating Wife RENTON WA | Cheating Husband RENTON WA:

Even the Bible is full of stories of adultery, marital treachery, and unfaithful deeds, but just because this has been going on for thousands of years doesn't make it any less difficult if you're the one being betrayed. It's likely that if you're reading this, you've been worrying nonstop and losing sleep over signs that you've discovered that make you think the person you love is having an affair. It's a horrible, unfortunate scenario, and far too many individuals take all the blame for any extramarital affair rumors.

You would have a difficult time telling us anything we haven't previously seen or heard because we have spent decades tracking down suspected cheats, photographing them "in action," and gathering proof that supports our clients' suspicions. The bottom line is that you have a right to know what is happening, and you will need reliable information to support any decisions you make in the future, such as fighting for your fair share of assets, obtaining custody of children (and pets), and making sure you are treated fairly in any contracts that will have an impact on your lifestyle both now and in the future.

Does any of this self-talk sound familiar to you?
  • Why am I not enough?

  • The person I love wouldn't be having an affair if I had:

  • Shed weight

  • Been more considerate

  • Undergone plastic surgery

  • Spent less time with the kids

  • Spent less time on the internet

  • Was present more

Please remember: You are not to blame for this! Infidelity is the ultimate smack in the face when two individuals make pledges and commitments to one other and then choose not to follow them. Your spouse or partner needs to take accountability for his or her poor judgments.

What can our PIs uncover?
  • Text messages

  • Hotel invoices

  • Credit card statements

  • Trip documentation

  • COHabitation

  • Hidden Assets

We put forth a lot of effort to confirm or disprove concerns after a thorough investigation. Our strategies and methods are so covert that, even if it turns out that you're just having an active imagination, your partner won't ever know that you suspected adultery, in contrast to novice private investigators who might not know how to stay under the radar. Our extensive experience and investigation methods don't leave any traces.

Let us gather the facts on your behalf so you may make well-informed decisions for your welfare while remaining at ease.

Ethical hacking

Everyone has heard that the best offensive makes for a solid defense. In terms of information security, this is accurate. You can be certain that your data won't fall into the wrong hands since we are aware of the technique’s hackers use to break into a network and can work around these defenses. We offer cutting-edge forensic technology to execute eDiscovery on hard disks and other storage media.

Our company's founder has over 25 years of expertise in computer security. Give us a call if you think your company's network might be compromised by hackers, and our knowledgeable penetration testers will fortify your system to prevent your data from ending up in the wrong hands.

Mobile and Computer forensics in RENTON WA:

We can assist you whether you need to recover vital data that has been lost or run a complete eDiscovery report on a machine. We can uncover deleted files, plus many people frequently forget that the data almost always remains on the hard disk. Recovery is frequently a time-sensitive process, particularly when a hard disk is currently in use.

We scan devices, including servers, laptops, workplace workstations, and personal computers, to see whether they have been compromised by unauthorized, unlawful, or unapproved outsiders. Finding hackers and understanding what these crooks did to your computer and/or other devices are among our services. Once authorized, our certified specialists will be pleased to help serve you.

Data Retrieval

Most of us have experienced losing data, having electronic devices stolen or destroyed, or having important electronic information lost due to events beyond our control. Our services are renowned for providing clients with a restful night's sleep when we're finished, regardless of whether your issues include floppy disks, thumb drives, CD-ROMs, flash memory, laptop, or desktop hard drives.

We employ the RAID technique, a cutting-edge technology that can analyze even the most ancient storage devices in the world. The term "cheap" pales in comparison to the harm your company could sustain if you don't have a professional retrieve and upgrade your storage capacity to improve performance, increase storage capacity, and provide error detection to take your business into the future.

Give us the chance to go through the following and provide you with an audited price to recover data you might believe is permanently lost.

The basics of diagnostics

The mechanic for your automobile utilizes a computer to determine the issue. We provide the same assistance to customers who inquire as to "Why is my computer acting strangely?" To determine if your issue stems from your system, server, external devices, or a new infection that has moved in, our professionals employ diagnostic techniques. You can buy over-the-counter software to do the task, but none of the consumer-based programs available can compare to our professional diagnostic tools. Therefore, use the cost of the software to pay for our services and let our experts fix the problem.

Extraction and destruction of data

Upon extraction or recovery of your data, we rearrange it into a secure media storage system that is password-protected and only available to you. Given the peace of mind you will have, we can bet you won't mind waiting the day or two it takes to delete your most private and sensitive information when an electronic gadget is retired. Please don't make assumptions about whether your information has been mistakenly compromised. The last thing you want is for a stranger to obtain your intellectual property.

Digital Discovery

We gather digital material for customers and organize it so that jurors, judges, and attorneys can understand it in court. Clients have previously requested that we collect Internet-related reports related to search histories, e-mail, IRC, conversations, keyword searches, and timelines. We also routinely crack passwords and locate deleted or hidden items, such as embarrassing images and documents. If you watch CSI, you'll know that electronic discovery frequently changes the course of a trial. Even if we must appear in court to support you, we use cutting-edge discovery techniques to substantiate your fact, claim, or scenario.

Services for Missing Persons in RENTON WA:

We have the tools and know-how to locate the individual you're looking for, who must be someplace. Our people-finding services have long been used by clients. Please avoid being misled by businesses who offer raw data online, as this data is frequently false or just out of date. There is no replacement for expert people-finding services. Our skilled private investigators, as well as law enforcement-grade databases, process and verify our in-depth reports. Our first concern is providing you with the most recent details so you can get in touch with the person you're looking for. So, whether you need to find someone to serve court paperwork on them or you're just interested in a loved one who went missing, let us find them for you.

Here are some types of missing persons

  • Missing witness

  • Deadbeat parent skipping child support

  • Missing loved one

  • Child

  • Relative

  • Parent

  • Grandchild

  • Someone who owes you money

  • Biological Parents

  • Runaways

  • Old Acquaintance

All our investigators have received extensive training and have years of experience working in fugitive recovery, searching, and finding criminals all across the nation. Even if you only have a little information, we have the abilities, expertise, and resources to locate anyone


You want to make sure that your child is properly cared for as a parent. However, it might be tough to know how your child is doing when they are not living with you. Our empathetic and devoted team is here to assist you whether you are going through a divorce or are already involved in a child custody battle. We provide thorough, dependable child custody investigations that are geared to provide you with the answers and peace of mind you deserve while also respecting your child's best interests.

We recognize that child custody issues can be highly sensitive and stressful. We also understand that the information we can acquire, and deliver is critical. There is nothing more important than your child's safety and well-being, and we will work tirelessly to provide you with the information you need so that you may take the right next steps.

Don't spend your days and nights worrying about your child. With our in-depth investigative services, you may get the information you need. Make an appointment with our office today.


Private investigators are hired to conduct the investigation and review it. There are several companies and websites that perform background checks these days. These services frequently produce mixed-quality results by relying on dated sources that supply just pieces of information with no quality assurance or professional assessment. We make use of the broadest database of public data in the United States.

Are you planning a wedding? It is strongly advised that you conduct a pre-marital background check. Equally important, your findings are individually examined by private investigators with years of experience.

Nothing matters more than knowing you've hired the best candidate for the job. A simple phone call is not enough when you believe you have found the ideal candidate for a position in your organization. To reduce the risk of your hiring decision, have their background checked professionally. We'll put your mind at ease with our pre-employment background check.

Our screening services include the following:

• Employment history

• Criminal history

• Driver's license

• Professional affiliations

• Education

• Civil records

• Bankruptcies

• Liens and judgments

Don't leave your company's future to chance. Contact us immediately to schedule pre-employment screenings for all your top applicants. Having someone you don't know work for you, come into your home, rent your apartment, watch your children, or loOR after your relatives is difficult. We can assist you in determining who this individual is. We'll investigate their past, including current and previous residences, criminal records, civil litigation history (such as judgments, liens, bankruptcies, and evictions), driving records, and property ownership. We can also check the person's current and previous work, educational background, professional licensing, references, and other information. Background checks can be made to fit the needs, requirements, and budgets of any client.


The fact is that wiretapping is no longer just used by corporations in modern times. Agencies and individuals constantly conducting surveillance on people from all walks of life, and even if you lead an average life, you might not be aware that you are being watched. Regardless, anybody may be a target for information thieves, and if you have any reason to believe you have already been the subject of a wiretap, you should be worried.

Our investigators are professionals and realists. We don’t weigh the pros and cons of wiretapping, but we know a lot about it because this type of surveillance has grown a lot over the past 20 years or so. And while it is not our concern what someone decides to do, in order to obtain insider information, our guards are up, when one of our clients believes he is the target of a wiretap. Do not lose sleep, become ill, or disregard your concerns if you are scared, disturbed, or in any other way suspicious that your home, workplace, or both may be the target of a wiretap.

We may even be able to assist you in determining the source of the bugs if you want to sue someone for violating your privacy thanks to our advanced electronic tools and experienced detection methods. Call us today, because we care about our customers' privacy, we don't appreciate it when those who shouldn't be accessing personal data are given access to our secrets.

Bugging equipment and wiretaps

Do you require a bug sweep? Guaranteed, our bug sweeping crew will locate ALL concealed devices! Do you believe your office or business has been hacked?

Our team makes use of the most up-to-date, cutting-edge technology, which is operated by highly qualified experts. An electronic surveillance detection sweep is the technical term for a bug sweep. This is a full-scale inspection that takes place over several days in three phases.

Bug sweep services are essential not only for locating concealed bugs but also for locating the individual/s who planted them in the first place! It is against the law to install a camera in someone's home and we guarantee that any eavesdropping or camera equipment hidden in your home or workplace will be discovered.


A Network of Trust

THE DILLON AGENCY and PI NEAR ME specializes in putting you in contact with Trusted LICENSED Private Investigator's across the country. Our combined Network of Investigators offers unparalleled experience protecting executives, businesses, residents, guests and government officials throughout All 50 States. We particularly specialize in Tennessee, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., California, Florida, Texas and Alabama. As a National security alternative with a service-first approach, we offer a level of customer service that international providers are too big to deliver. If you’d like to learn more, you can contact us at

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