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Alabama Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

Alabama Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

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Private investigators (PI) in the state of Alabama were previously exempt from the requirement to hold a license. So, anyone might identify as a private investigator and acquire access to a variety of information that is often restricted. It is possible for someone to start working as a private investigator the day after being released from prison. Some people took advantage of uninformed customers by setting up fake businesses because of the absence of regulation. Sadly, due to the prevalence of thieves and scam artists in the field, private investigators in Alabama have over time gained a negative reputation. Many honest and well-intentioned PIs decided to step in because they saw that this was an issue and wanted to do something about it. This led to working with Alabama’s legislative system to pass statutes that formed a governing body, The Alabama Private Investigation Board, to enforce and regulate licensing and ethics rules for private investigators. Since 2013, it has been against the law for a private investigator to work in the state of Alabama without a license.

Private investigators may learn information about practically anyone thanks to their special privileges, resources, and abilities. Our PIs have access to large databases containing the personal data of most individuals. We expertly use that data to find people for a variety of purposes, such as debt collection, unpaid child support, process serving, adoption due diligence searches, finding birth parents, and estate due diligence searches. They monitor spouses suspected of infidelity and ex-spouses accused of violating child custody or alimony agreements using this information, their surveillance abilities, and their legal right to loiter (as long as they are not trespassing). Investigating allegedly false insurance claims is another use for these abilities. The role of a private investigator also includes running background checks, which calls for proficiency in navigating a courthouse and conducting efficient web research.

One of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make is whether to employ a private investigator to keep an eye on your spouse, find your child or other loved one, find a lost loved one or an old friend, or to manage your specific demands. We handle every circumstance expertly, quietly, privately, and—most importantly—within the bounds of the law. Our investigators and support staff have a lot of experience and come from a wide range of backgrounds. We are licensed to work as an investigation agency.

We are experts in investigating surveillance. We can provide you with the information and evidence you require in a timely, competent, and affordable manner, whether it concerns a cheating lover or spouse, child custody disputes, workers' compensation or insurance liability claims, counter surveillance, child tracking, or any other surveillance need. ALABAMA-wide coverage is provided through our services. The personnel at PI Near Me are knowledgeable, well-trained, devoted, and discrete. Our customers can relax knowing that their case is being handled by a reputable private investigation company with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to gather the data and proof needed for their case.

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You will find that “private investigator” and “private detective” are both used. There is no difference between a private investigator and a private detective. Detective refers to someone who investigates crime who is directly tied to law enforcement. The truth is that unless they are directly employed full time through local police departments they are technically a private investigator.


40 states require a PI Firm or Agency license issued at the state level if you want to own or operate a private investigations agency. The other 16 licensing jurisdictions don’t issue separate PI agency licenses. Instead, they either 1) don’t license PIs or PI agencies at all, 2) recognize individually licensed PIs as being able to establish a PI business by following the standard rules for business licensing, or 3) require individually licensed PIs to meet requirements that are similar to what is usually required for agency licensing and consider the licenses to be one and the same.


Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Do PIs just follow people around?

Private investigators are sometimes thought of as people you pay to follow your partner or spouse when you fear they are cheating. Many private investigators carry out that kind of work. A PI can verify that a person is indeed where they claim to be. When your spouse is not with you, they can see exactly who they are hanging out with.

In the past, a person requesting a divorce had to provide evidence of the grounds of the divorce. A PI, some top-tier photographic gear, and some technical expertise were helpful at that point. Now that no-fault divorces are the norm, the proof our private investigators (PIs) gather on cheating partners utilizing the same high-level cameras and expertise is useful for settling a divorce by determining child custody arrangements, alimony, and the distribution of marital assets.

Are PIs able to assist with child custody?

The terms of child custody are likely the most crucial aspect of a divorce case. The majority of parents desire what is best for their kids, but others use the kids as bargaining chips to get what they want from the other parent. A woman might ignore her kids because she is so infatuated with a new man's attention. An individual with a history of abuse and domestic violence may be introduced to the children by their father. If parents develop a gambling or drug addiction, they may ignore their kids. People of the opposite sex who are not related to the children are frequently prohibited from spending the night at the parents' house while the children are present. Even though the rule was intended to prevent parents from having new lovers move in and out of the house while their children were present, you'd be surprised how many parents break it. Our PIs can find out more about these situations so that the court's decisions about custody can be changed.

Unfortunately, it happens frequently for parents who owe child support to fail to fulfill their duty to contribute to the upkeep of their children. Sometimes they relocate to escape this duty. Our PIs can track them down. Sometimes a parent will understate their income or say they are unemployed to get out of paying child support. Our PIs can investigate and compile data to support or contradict such statements.

Can PIs assist with a case involving alimony?

In ALABAMA, a spouse may file a request for alimony if the couple has been married for at least ten years. The amount of alimony awarded is typically calculated such that the recipient spouse can continue living the way they did while they were married. If the recipient spouse cohabits with someone else, the payment of alimony may end. Some people will even conceal a second marriage to keep getting alimony payments from their ex-spouse! A private investigator may employ methods to learn about present living situations. Additionally, since the income disparity between the two ex-spouses is one factor used to calculate the amount of alimony owed, one spouse or the other (the payer OR the payee) may understate their income or deny having one to manipulate this ratio. A PI can verify these allegations and discover the truth.

Can PIs help us with the workers' compensation fraud?

Yes! Can you believe there are others who falsify workplace injuries to scam an insurance provider and obtain worker's compensation? Indeed, they do. There are also those who falsely claim to be hurt in a restaurant or grocery store and file a lawsuit for compensation, only to be caught water skiing the following weekend. Our PIs can keep an eye on these claimants and get proof that they are lying to protect your business from dishonest employees and fake damage claims from clients.

Our teen has vanished. Can your PIs assist?

Absolutely! Every parent is familiar with the anxiety you have when you can't find your child. Some kids, particularly teenagers, flee their homes. There isn't much a parent can do to bring their child home if they are eighteen or older, but if they are under eighteen, parents can ask the police to locate and bring their child home. When a minor goes missing, the police will interview the minor, write a report, and notify other law enforcement authorities, but they frequently lack the resources to actively search for the child unless they believe it is in immediate danger. When you need answers right away, this process can be very frustrating. Parents who are concerned and irritated may resort to a PI to advance their cause. To provide you with the individualized attention you want in this scenario, a private investigator can pursue leads, speak with friends and parents, and locate your missing child.

Act now and get in touch with us instead of aimlessly wondering if you can find someone!

I need a thorough background investigation. Can you assist?

Our private investigators have access to the data that will reveal a person's past. For businesses looking to hire new personnel, this information is priceless. Parents who are hiring a nanny or babysitter need to know this information very well. Nobody wants to mistakenly place their child in the care of a dangerous criminal. Researching potential business partners with due diligence may prove useful for investors as well. Potential partners can be subject to judgment liens or even worse, have a history of fraud. You might also be curious to learn if they have ever declared bankruptcy.

Unmarried people can want to covertly find out additional information about someone they're thinking about taking their relationship to the next level with. You can avoid a lot of pain, misery, and money in the long run by investing a modest amount of money in a background check now. Before allowing potential contractors into your home, it may be a good idea to run a background check on them.

All these tasks can be handled by our skilled private investigator, who can also help to guarantee that you are doing business with the appropriate individuals or marrying the person they claim to be. You are in good hands with our detectives, so rest easy.

Can GPS technology be used to track someone?

Private detectives covertly carry out numerous tasks that the typical person is unaware of. Vehicles owned by qualifying clients can have GPS devices installed, which will aid the client in keeping track of the vehicle. Teenagers frequently lie about their whereabouts and method of leisure activity. A fantastic way to ensure that what is being told to you is true is through GPS tracking.

Everyone requires assistance occasionally.

The most recent technology and resources are used by private investigators to assist your case. They carry out several tasks that most individuals either cannot or would choose not to do. The truth is that most people will encounter at least one circumstance in their lives where a private detective can make a problem easier to handle or a goal simpler to achieve




In a marriage, there is no greater betrayal. Suspicion makes life difficult and has an impact on many facets of your existence. A private investigator can find the facts on your behalf, confirm or dispel your suspicions, and assist in reducing any crippling tension you may be experiencing. Without the right evidence, it might be challenging to convince a judge that an affair occurred if you seek to break your marriage because of the affair. Many people lack the time, resources, or knowledge necessary to follow their spouse about to gather the necessary evidence. A PI can acquire you the facts you need to optimize your settlement because they are trained and experienced third parties that the cheating spouse would never realize are watching them.

Detective services for infidelity include:

• Use of electronics (emails, websites, chats)

• Tracking \s

• Surveillance


The people you love and care about most are your children, and you will do whatever it takes to ensure their safety. Not all parents, however, can’t put their egos aside enough to let their little ones take top priority. Our PIs can assist you in gathering the proof you need to establish custody or amend your custody arrangement if you believe the other parent of your children is abusing or neglecting them.

Do you have any of these questions or worries?

• Who exactly is your ex-partner bringing around your kids?

• When your kids are with your ex, what do they do with them?

• Do they follow the custody arrangement?

• Do you worry that they'll kidnap them?

• What kind of behavior do your kids exhibit around the new significant other?

• When traveling with the other parent, are your kids appropriately restrained?

The most emotionally taxing aspect of a divorce procedure is typically the decision about child custody. In order to get what they want out of a custody arrangement; parents frequently will go to any lengths to get what they want. They frequently lie, hide the truth, or alter their behavior in front of other people. Sometimes they are solely interested in getting child support and have no regard for the child's welfare. Sometimes a parent may resort to any means necessary to avoid paying child support.

When a judge is deciding on a custody arrangement during a divorce, both parents begin on an equal footing. The "best interest of the child/children" will be considered by the judge. This enables a judge to decide what is in the best interest of the child by considering what the parents desire, what the youngster wants (if they are of a particular age), and the parent's behavior.

The court will frequently name guardian ad litem to represent the child's interests. For it to appear that the minor has their own attorney always present. Parents may occasionally accuse one another of actions they believe are detrimental to the child's best interests. Usually, the parent who is accused will refute the charges. The judge will not take the accusing parent's unfavorable behavior into account if they cannot provide evidence of it. Our private investigators can assist in gathering the proof you require to convince a judge that your accusations are based on facts rather than just opinion.

You want the court to be aware if you believe the other parent of your child is engaging in criminal activity. You will need to employ a private investigator to investigate the other parent in order to gather proof of their criminal activity because they will undoubtedly deny any wrongdoing. Criminals frequently associate with one another. Our private investigators can find out who the other parent of your child hangs out with and whether they engage in drug use, drug dealing, sex offenses, child abuse, etc.

It might be difficult to prove child abuse or neglect, especially if the parents do not live together. To gather proof of any abuse or neglect, you might pay a private investigator to keep an eye on the other parent while they are caring for your child. For instance, the law mandates that your child ride in a car seat or booster seat if they are under a certain age or weight limit. This fundamental, essential preventative measure could be disregarded by some parents. You will need evidence because they will very definitely dispute it.

You'll want to demonstrate to the judge that there have been prior reports of violence against the other parent. Our private detectives can check the other parent's criminal history and speak to former acquaintances to find out whether they have a violent past.

If you think the other parent of your kids is consuming drugs and/or alcohol, hire a private investigator to keep an eye on them and observe what they get up to when they're out with friends, by themselves, and around your kids. Do they operate a vehicle when intoxicated? Do people pass out in front of bars on the sidewalk? Do they discreetly purchase drugs at the local convenience store?

Because they are aware that lying or hiding their address will hurt them in a custody dispute, parents frequently do so. They can reside in a house that needs extensive repairs, or it might be filled with filth and broken glass, making it unsafe for kids to live there and posing a safety risk. They could claim to have their own home while actually residing with a new partner, acquaintance, or relative. How about the new associate? Are they an offender? Sexual offender Abuser?

Our private investigators can find out if a child is being dropped off or picked up on time at home, school, or daycare. Is the other parent transporting the kids to these activities? Many kids participate in extracurricular activities outside of school. In time? Are they timely in picking them up?

Courts will take a parent's moral character into account when deciding on a custody arrangement. Our PI's can gather proof if the other parent of your child is acting in a way that might be considered immoral and is bad for the child. This frequently entails the parent having an affair, bringing the kids into the room with the other person, and showing open affection to them in front of the kids.

The court will consider whether a parent's friends and other associates are suitable and appropriate. When deciding custody, one factor to consider is who the other parent of your child hangs out with. The kinds of people you'll want to learn about are drug traffickers, criminals, sex offenders, abusers, etc. A private investigator can find out who the other parent of your child spends time with if you are unsure.


Unless given permission by the other parent or the courts to do otherwise, many custody agreements stipulate that a parent must reside within a certain distance of the other parent. Some parents nevertheless choose to relocate outside of that range despite this. They frequently try to hide their true residence or deny that they have relocated. Our private investigators can confirm whether a child's parent actually lives where they claim to. If they're lying, we can discover where they actually live and where they're taking the kid when they come for visitation. According to some agreements, if a parent plans to transport their child outside of a predetermined area, they must first notify the other parent (a county, state, or mile radius). Some fail to accomplish it. A private investigator can properly document this for the court to see.

Frequently, when the children are around, custody agreements prevent a parent from hanging out with particular people. Some child custody agreements restrict a parent from allowing a love interest to stay the night while the kids are around. The agreement can also forbid a parent from spending the night at a loved one's house with the kids. The violating parent frequently disputes whether anyone has spent the night or whether the individual in question is a romantic interest. Our private detectives can discover the true extent of their dishonesty.

If one parent tries to find someone to watch the kids while the other does something, some custody agreements grant the parent who does not have custody of the child the right of first refusal. This rule is frequently violated. A PI can easily document this information.


Some parents don't pay the child support ordered by the court and frequently try to vanish. To avoid paying child support or to pay less, some parents fabricate information about their employment or income. Our private investigators can find the other parent of your child and find out what they do for a living. This will help make sure that your children get the money they are owed.

Do any of these questions concern you?

• Do you think your ex is lying about how much money he or she makes to get out of paying child support?

• Do you think your kids' time with your ex-partner could put them in danger?

• Do you believe that your ex-spouse takes the kids to their grandparents' house on weekends, drops them off there, and then doesn't see them again until it's time to give them back to you?

• Does your ex allow their new flame to stay the night while the kids are at home?

You want to keep your kids safe and make sure they're taken care of. Make an appointment with us right now.


In a divorce, alimony is money given to one spouse so they can continue living as they did before the marriage ended. Nobody wants to stay in a relationship just because they can't afford to end it, especially if it's abusive or if the other partner is having an extramarital affair. If your husband is abusive, has had or is having an affair, and you are a housewife with no marketable skills since you gave up your potential for a profession to raise your children, you would be unable to leave because you could not afford to support yourself or your children.

Although it is frequently given temporarily, alimony can also be given forever. The amount of alimony awarded is determined by a number of variables, including the marital partners' income disparities, their standard of living, and the behavior of the parties. Child support is not the same as alimony. Child support is money designated for the child's maintenance. On the other hand, alimony is money that the spouse is entitled to for their own support so that they can keep living at the same level as they did while they were married.

Do any of these situations ring a bell?

You suspect your spouse has a new lover.

You were required to pay alimony as part of the divorce settlement for a time to support them in maintaining the standard of living they had grown accustomed to throughout the marriage and to help lay the groundwork for a new life. They have now met a new person as time has passed. You suspect that they may be hiding the fact that they are cohabitating. To continue receiving alimony from you, they might even have secretly wed a new partner. They can have joint assets, such as a wedding ring or checking accounts, that you are unaware of. Some people will do a lot to hide this fact so they can marry their new partner and keep getting alimony payments.

Your alimony payments might be lowered or abolished if you can demonstrate cohabitation or marriage. Our private investigators can assist in gathering data that could support your demand for proof. Our private investigators' investigations into infidelity can be extremely important in divorce cases when alimony is a potential issue. If you want to prove that your spouse is abusing you or engaging in adultery, you should engage a private investigator before filing for alimony. If you want to know if your ex-spouse is secretly married, our private investigators can dig into them and the person they are dating.

You suspect your spouse of concealing assets.

If your spouse is hiding money or assets, our PIs might be able to locate them. In order to avoid having their assets split up in a divorce settlement or to lower any potential alimony payments they may be compelled to make; people frequently hide money from their partners. In general, courts disapprove of one party in a divorce hiding assets or money, as this could influence the judge's decision regarding the settlement. To receive greater alimony, some spouses may even try to conceal assets. Money can often be hidden more easily than assets. A spouse might purchase a car and keep it hidden so they can sell it for cash when the divorce is finalized. If you want to ask the court for additional alimony because your husband is having an affair, you might be able to persuade the judge to grant your request.

On the other hand, if you know your spouse will ask for alimony and you have evidence that they are having an affair, you might be able to use that evidence to either reduce or completely avoid paying alimony. Unless there is a change in the party who was awarded alimony, alimony will continue for a period of time determined by the court. Changes in circumstances can happen when one or both partners get a new job, get married, or change where they live.

You believe your partner is misleading income.

Frequently, a soon-to-be ex-spouse who is requesting alimony will inflate their salary or assert that they are unemployed to receive more money. A spouse may open a secret bank account and put money into it without the other spouse's knowledge.

You may find out that your ex-spouse has changed jobs, increased income, or received an inheritance after alimony has been granted. If this occurs, you may ask the court to reduce or abolish the alimony. An ex-spouse may occasionally try to conceal their changed situation. It is your responsibility to demonstrate that a financial change occurred.

Our private detectives may be able to find the truth and provide facts on your soon-to-be ex-fraud spouse's if you feel that they are hiding assets, fabricating a jobless claim, or misreporting their income. In addition to gathering evidence to support your case, our investigators might even testify in court on your behalf. In a legal case, nothing is for sure, but you can be sure that your private investigator(s) will do everything they can to give you the best investigative services and help you get the right amount of alimony or help you reduce, stop, or avoid alimony.

Our private detectives can help you find proof of these modifications and assist you in reducing or getting rid of your alimony obligation.

For a free consultation, contact us right away!


Some common reasons for hiring a PI

• Your child’s other parent may be hiding to avoid child support payments.

• You might be attempting to serve someone with divorce papers but do not have their mailing address.

• Your teenager may have run away, causing you unbearable stress, anxiety, and worry.

• You have a court order against your former roommate who refused to pay their share of the rent.

• You loaned someone money only for them to disappear.

• You are searching for your birthparents and siblings after learning you were adopted.

• You want to adopt but must first perform a due diligence search for the child’s biological parents.

• You merely want to know what happened to that wonderful high school acquaintance you knew.

• You are the executor of a will, and you cannot find some of the beneficiaries, you must perform a due diligence search for them.


Finding someone can frequently be a difficult undertaking, especially if they do not want to be located. They are more vulnerable to the dangers of living on the streets the younger they are. Teenagers who seek to live on the streets risk threats like drugs, violence, prostitution, and trafficking, to name just a few. Whether your child ran away or you believe they were abducted, you should always call law police first if they go missing. Law enforcement officers work hard to help find missing persons, but they have limited resources. When your child runs away, our detectives will methodically and actively look for them using any clues they may have left or information they may have learned from friends or other sources.


When someone is sued for damages or money owing to them, they frequently discover that the defendant misses their court date and is awarded a default judgment. It can be challenging to convince them to pay up after the verdict has been issued. Sometimes someone who owes money owing to a court decision will flee the area or go into hiding. A private investigator can use the information you do know about someone to find someone who owes you money for a judgment using that information.


You must exercise "due diligence" in the adoption procedure to inform the birth parents that you intend to adopt their kid if the child's parent cannot be found and has not previously signed over their parental rights. When an adult or kid learns they have been adopted, they frequently seek to track down their biological parents for a variety of reasons, including curiosity, medical history, the need for an organ donor, etc.


Some of the people listed in a will may be challenging to locate when someone passes away and leaves a will. The will's executor must search for them with "due effort." A private investigator can find the individual you're seeking for using tools and methods that are unique to the field.


Never permit a parent to evade paying child support. Don't sit around worrying about where your loved ones are.

Keep your ex from hiding your children for another day. Don't worry about what happened to a beloved someone.


You've always been curious about what happened to that special high school acquaintance. Let our investigators assist you in finding the solutions to your unanswered concerns.

In their investigations, our detectives employ advanced tools like GPS tracking


The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite-based navigation system made up of 24 satellites placed into orbit by the U.S. Department of Defense. These satellites relay information to the earth as they orbit it twice daily in a very exact way. This data can be used by GPS tracking devices to calculate a person's or an object's latitude, longitude, altitude, speed, and bearing.

Numerous options are available with GPS tracking. When it is not practical or possible to physically follow a person or object, our private investigators employ GPS tracking. Our detectives will be able to pinpoint a person's or object's location once a GPS tracking device is configured to collect data at regular intervals. GPS tracking can be utilized to learn the truth about where someone goes (offered to qualified clients).

Some common GPS tracking reasons:

• You worry that your husband will meet a mistress.

• Do you wonder if your partner is working late or if they are going somewhere else, with someone else?

• You want to find out where the thieves are taking some valuables that were taken from your property.


Although it is frequently done so, GPS tracking is not required when using other investigation methods. Many people are unaware that a GPS tracker can be attached to practically anything and be used to track that object in real time.

The sole statute in ALABAMA prohibiting the use of GPS devices by police enforcement without a warrant. Some laws pertaining to stalking, harassment, and criminal surveillance have an indirect impact on the use of GPS trackers. You may be subject to civil liabilities if you use a GPS tracker improperly. (Disclaimer: For legal advice on anything you read here, contact a professional.)

In ALABAMA, you can typically affix a GPS tracker to a vehicle if you own it or it is regarded as a marital asset. A private detective can evaluate your scenario and offer you a weekly GPS tracker rental. Additionally, we can install the GPS tracker for you on a qualified car.


A GPS tracking device is quite beneficial for various investigations. A GPS tracker can speed up an investigation while a person is being followed or waiting for them to drive away in their car. A PI frequently loses the person they are pursuing in traffic or because of traffic lights. The possibility of losing sight of the target is decreased if a GPS tracker is fastened to a subject's car. The investigator only needs to open the map on their computer or smart device to go on their inquiry and swiftly catch up to the subject. Without a GPS device, the investigator is forced to make educated assumptions regarding the subject's whereabouts. The knowledge the investigator already has about the issue and their intended course of action can sometimes be used to accomplish this. In other cases, if the subject acts in an unexpected way, the investigator will need to travel to other places the subject is known to frequent or is anticipated to visit. The PI can locate them occasionally, but not always. Such educated estimates could waste the client's money and important time. In the worst-case scenario, it will stop the surveillance, forcing the PI to restart it the following day. When a GPS tracker is employed, all that time and money can be used more effectively.


A GPS monitoring gadget might help you find answers if you're concerned about your spouse's movements and think they might be hiding their locations. It is better to have your private investigator follow up after learning where they are going to find out exactly what they are doing and with whom by directly surveilling them.


Teenagers frequently travel and engage in activities that they know their parents would disapprove of. They frequently tell lies regarding their whereabouts and activities. Many parents merely wish to shield their kids from making poor choices that could damage them. When attempting to deal with a delinquent kid, it is essential that you have as much knowledge as you can so that you can make an educated decision. You may use a GPS tracker to find out exactly where your teen is and where they have been. It is always important to have your PI follow up on the information you learn from a GPS tracker that is attached to the car your teen drives, just like it is in any other circumstance. Your PI might be able to see and record everything your teen does, including who they are with. Your source of information (in this case, the GPS tracker) will be compromised if you go where your teen is if there is no other way you would know they are there, and they might behave differently as a result. They won't necessarily cease what they're doing, but they will put more effort into hiding it, which will make gathering further evidence more challenging and the investigation more expensive.


It is important to always have your private investigator (PI) investigate the facts you learn from a GPS tracker that is mounted on the car. It is never a smart idea to conduct your own investigation.


  • For your protection, kindly allow our investigators to use the GPS tracking device.

  • The suspect can attack you if they become enraged by your presence.

  • You can become interested in the GPS tracking results to prevent committing a crime.

  • Our investigators are skilled at seeing specific actions the suspect takes and the people they are doing them with.

  • They might alter their behavior because of your presence and undermine your information source, in this example the GPS tracker. They won't necessarily cease what they're doing, but they will put more effort into hiding it, which will make gathering further evidence more challenging and the investigation more expensive.

Our detectives are fully informed of the laws in ALABAMA, you may not be thus crossing legal lines is never a good idea! Let us assist you with your GPS tracking needs.


A background check can go a long way toward finding the information you need to make informed decisions about someone’s history and character. Past conduct is the most accurate indicator of future outcomes. Private investigators use exclusive to gather as much information as possible about a person. Private detectives are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and abilities to obtain data from certain individuals might prefer to keep secret. Background checks can be very useful for anyone who needs to make important decisions about someone they need to trust.


When you go on a date night, how much do you actually know about the person you are leaving your kids with? How well do you know the contractor who will be working around you, your family, and your possessions? For your available position at your company, you have a few qualified applicants, but were they truthful with all the information they provided on their applications? What about the individual you met online? Could they pose a threat?


If you have kids, you might want to run a background check on everyone they come in contact with. If you are going through a divorce, you can find out if the other parent is exposing your kids to harmful influences. They can have a violent or drug-using past. Or, even worse, they might be a sexual offender. If a background check reveals that your child’s other parent is exposing your children to someone with a history like this, it is usually best to follow up with surveillance to gather proof that your child’s other parent is exposing them to bad influences. In court, this video evidence may be crucial.

Everyone wants their kids to be safe, so most parents, at some point in their kids' lives, hire a babysitter. You want to be certain that the babysitter you hire is someone you can trust and that they are who they claim to be. Nanny cams can only alert you to their presence after you have already left them with your kids alone, and it can already be too late by the time you watch the nanny cam footage. A background check on any potential babysitters or nannies can reveal who you are dealing with. One of a parent's worst fears is leaving their child unattended with someone who might hurt them. Any potential babysitter can have their background checked by a private investigator, which will provide you with the knowledge you need to choose a sitter for your children wisely.


In recent years, online dating has increased in popularity. You truly have no idea who you are about to meet when meeting someone from one of those sites, despite what they may claim in their profile, private messages, online chats, or even phone calls. Having a private investigator conduct a background check on someone you might be meeting in person or even talking to via an online dating site may be well worth it. A private investigator could even examine their social media accounts to confirm that the person in the photo they are providing you is actually them. To be safe, a private investigator can covertly follow you to the meeting to keep an eye on you while sitting nearby and make sure you are secure. If anything goes wrong, they can also help you call the police or intervene if necessary.

You might want to think about getting a background check done on your potential spouse if your relationship has developed to the point where marriage is possible. You may also want to find out whether they have any judgements or liens against them in addition to learning about any possible criminal history they may have. A private investigator can also reveal any bankruptcies your future spouse could try to conceal from you. It is definitely worth the relatively small cost of a background check to find out if there are any potential red flags or issues that your future spouse may not have disclosed to you. Keep in mind that once you are married, their problems become your problems.


At some point in our lives, most of us have home improvement work done. There are many competent contractors available. They can provide references for you, but let's be honest. They will only provide you with recommendations from those they are confident will be complimentary of their work. You really can't tell if the references they provide you come from actual past clients or from their friends. Most of the time, you must allow contractors access to your house, where valuables are kept and where kids sleep. They will learn every detail about your house, inside and out. If you plan to let any strangers into your home to perform work, it could be a good idea to engage a private investigator to conduct a background check on them.


When evaluating a candidate for employment, background checks are frequently performed. A PI can conduct background investigations to determine whether a candidate for employment is telling the truth about the information they provided on their application or claimed on their resume. Or, if they have a criminal background, including being a sexual offender.

If you are considering entering a business relationship with someone, you may want to know if they have a criminal background. In this circumstance, any knowledge about judgements, liens, or bankruptcy would be helpful. When it comes to your cash, a new business partner might frequently become just like a family member. A knowledgeable private investigator (PI) can gather the background data you require to assist you in deciding whether the individual you are considering starting a business relationship with is someone you can trust.

Trust, but verify. Get the information you need to give you peace of mind. For a free consultation, contact us right away.

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We are a full-service investigative firm that specializes in insurance and workers' compensation fraud, domestic investigations and surveillance, attorney services, and criminal investigations. We are ideally positioned to deliver discreet, professional investigative services, drawing on years of experience in all these areas.

We distinguish ourselves from other private investigators by our attention to detail and commitment to achieving excellent professional results on each case we accept. Our agents have the experience, resources, and pride necessary to ensure that your investigation yields the finest possible results.

We won't take your case unless we're certain we'll be able to give exactly what you've asked for. Each case begins with a thorough examination of your goals, followed by an investigation strategy tailored to your specific needs. Each case is methodically tracked, with all information thoroughly analyzed as it emerges, assuring that case objectives are in line with your objectives. All investigations are carried out in a timely and professional manner, with a brief and well-written report supplied at the end.

We recognize and realize that investigations can entail highly sensitive, emotional, and private circumstances that require the highest care and discretion. We will make every effort to provide a pleasant environment to reduce the tension that comes with dealing with sensitive issues.

Our top private investigators have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as a high level of ethics and diligence. We take pride in our outstanding reputation as one of Alabama's finest private investigators and detective firms, and we continually provide our clients with legitimate reasons to refer us to others.

Throughout Alabama, our expert staff performs surveillance daily in difficult and unique places. Our investigators are experienced in adjusting to their surroundings and can employ a variety of vehicles. We use cutting-edge still and video surveillance technology. Hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, and undercover technicians are all available to help in any situation. We don't get caught and remain undetected while delivering the results you require.

You have a problem, which is why you've come to us for help. We specialize in uncovering the truth and providing peace of mind.

I am so thankful for this awesome team! They have helped finish a case my husband has been working on for 4 years! VERY professional, VERY speedy. Thank you for all that you have done!

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