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PI NEAR ME, knows and understands how important it is to provide our clients with the strictest level of confidentiality. This is why we are committed to our client’s privacy. When we say Discreet, Reliable, Effective we mean it.

Many States have differentiating laws and guidelines in regards to Client information. Under some state laws, clients of licensed private investigators enjoy a certain level of protection when it comes to confidentiality issues. Most people have heard of the “Attorney-Client Confidentiality Laws”: PI NEAR ME applies these laws and  guidelines and is not only mandated by a similar law but we have taken it to the next step.

Our promise to you – No associate of PI NEAR ME will release any information pertaining to you, your case, or any portion of your case without your consent. What this means to you. If someone was to contact us and question us regarding you or your case not only would we not release any information about you, we would also deny you’re a client of ours. Absent an order of the court, our staff will not even release information to law enforcement agencies without your permission. If an attorney represents you, our investigation and work product may provide you with even further protection. Our Private Investigators will always go the extra mile to protect your right to confidentiality.

Contact US to schedule a no cost and no obligation consultation, contact PI NEAR ME.

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A Network of Trust

PI NEAR ME specializes in putting you in contact with Trusted LICENSED Private Investigator's across the country. Our combined Network of Investigators offers unparalleled experience protecting executives, businesses, residents, guests and government officials throughout All 50 States. We particularly specialize in Tennessee, New York, Maryland, Washington D.C., California, Florida, Texas and Alabama. As a National security alternative with a service-first approach, we offer a level of customer service that international providers are too big to deliver. If you’d like to learn more, you can contact us at

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