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Utah Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

Utah Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

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Who WE ARE and What We Do!

Our private investigators are skilled at finding information and gathering proof in order to provide our customers with practical answers to their problems. Thousands of complex cases have been handled by our knowledgeable private investigators, many of which have significant legal, emotional, or financial repercussions. Our investigators employ a combination of technology, the internet, and cutting-edge investigation techniques to solve complicated issues and deliver useful information to people, law firms, and businesses.

We are a UTAH based full-service private investigation company. To do private detective work in UTAH, all of our UTAH private investigators are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. In all locations of UTAH, including SALT LAKE CITY, WEST VALLEY CITY, PROVO and all other cities, we offer a range of private investigation services to our customers.

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You will find that “private investigator” and “private detective” are both used. There is no difference between a private investigator and a private detective. Detective refers to someone who investigates crime who is directly tied to law enforcement. The truth is that unless they are directly employed full time through local police departments they are technically a private investigator.


40 states require a PI Firm or Agency license issued at the state level if you want to own or operate a private investigations agency. The other 16 licensing jurisdictions don’t issue separate PI agency licenses. Instead, they either 1) don’t license PIs or PI agencies at all, 2) recognize individually licensed PIs as being able to establish a PI business by following the standard rules for business licensing, or 3) require individually licensed PIs to meet requirements that are similar to what is usually required for agency licensing and consider the licenses to be one and the same.


Investigative Knowledge and experience

As a part of a select group of highly skilled private investigators with a spotless reputation for producing first-rate investigative outcomes, we provide full-service private investigation services. Every client's investigation is planned, carried out, and finished to the highest levels of competence, accuracy, and extended secrecy thanks to the sophisticated legal, technological, and investigative experience our team of investigators has established.

With trustworthy, important, and private information, we offer expert investigation services to assist you to overcome your problems. We offer our clients the indisputable proof they require. Today, schedule a free consultation.

Private Investigator Services in UTAH

Infidelity - Cheating Partners

Although being cheated on is never pleasant, many people still have to deal with it. Although learning of your partner's betrayal may be quite unsettling, it is crucial to get the facts. You may find yourself in a stressful and taxing position if you are unaware of the circumstances and obvious warning signs. It is best to spot the warning signals early.

When it comes to infidelity, ignorance is not bliss. However, the writing on the wall is often difficult to see. Even more dangerous is falsely accusing your partner of infidelity when there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for what appears to be suspicious conduct.

Signs of a cheating spouse

The most typical indications that a spouse may be having an affair are listed below. Years of investigational experience went into compiling this list. If you notice any of these symptoms, don't hesitate any longer and arrange for your free consultation right now.

1. Changes in appearance

  • Has your partner's hairdo changed significantly?

  • Do they recently begin tanning and never previously enjoy the sun?

  • Did they start working out after a long period of inactivity?

  • A sudden change in appearance might be an indication that you need one of our private detectives to investigate your case.

2. Change in cell phone usage

  • Does your partner constantly hold onto their phone?

  • Does the person lock their phone so that you cannot access it? Are all of their texts routinely deleted?

  • Do they respond to texts in another room?

  • Do they speak on the phone outside or in a different room?

  • Have you discovered a strange cell phone in their house or car?

  • You should have an infidelity investigation started right away if you've seen any of this suspicious activity. Our infidelity detectives work fast and effectively to find the truth about the matter. We even have certain forensic tools that help us retrieve deleted text messages and decipher their precise contents and senders!

3. Modifications to daily routines

  • Does your significant other often stay up late at work?

  • When you remain late at work, are your calls not being answered?

  • Have they recently developed a new hobby?

  • Are they spending hours at the beach or the gym?

  • Are they playing "golf" longer than usual?

  • When we track folks who leave their golf clubs in their trunk, we frequently catch them because they are not on the course.

  • You could be right if something seems off to you in your gut. Call one of our investigators right away, and we'll record your partner's locations and actions.

4. Suspicious computer use

  • Does your partner frequently use the computer at odd times of the day or night?

  • Do they use the computer more frequently than normal?

  • Do they regularly delete their computer's browser history?

  • Is malware suddenly infecting your computer?

  • When using the computer, do they close the door?

  • The average individual has access to a computer around-the-clock given the direction our society is now headed and the abundance of cellphones and laptops. More people are utilizing devices like tablets, computers, and mobile phones to browse the internet. The urge to cheat occurs far more frequently than individuals realize with all this technology. Infidelity has frequently started on websites like Facebook, Craigslist, Ashely Madison, and other dating services. These days, everything is conceivable; we have seen it all. Our private detectives are experts at monitoring infidelity via social media and computers. Our investigators are qualified to identify who these people are who are corresponding with your significant other because of the widespread practice of catfishing online.

5. Decrease in Intimacy Frequency

  • Have you lost intimacy with your spouse?

  • Do they suddenly treat you with contempt and blame you for the issue?

  • Have they practically cut off all communication with you?

  • It is important to hire a UTAH private investigator if intimacy decreases.

Let the infidelity authorities provide further light on your circumstance.

Child Custody

For a family, divorce may be one of the most traumatic processes. Conflict and strife during divorce not only harm the two parties involved, but it may also have an immediate impact on your children. Custody may become a problem in certain situations. After a divorce, parents sometimes want to give their kids to them exclusively. When they have serious trust concerns with their ex-actions, partner's they become even wary of sharing custody. When it comes to custody disputes, how a parent interacts with their kids is heavily weighed. Usually, parents share custody of their children. In this situation, both parents are in charge of raising the kids. But if one parent has a history of abuse and the other understands that their ex-partner is not trustworthy enough, they might ask for exclusive custody. Using different investigation techniques, a private investigator may assist you in determining whether the other parent is treating the children properly.

How can a private detective assist in child custody?

Interviewing the Witnesses

One strategy an investigator employs is getting to know the neighbors of the kid. To learn the truth, they could speak with people who live next to the kids. In these situations, neighbors, instructors, and friends may all be of great assistance. They can provide important details about the child's social skills, academic achievement, physical fitness, and mental well-being.

Gathering Proof

You may uncover a lot of evidence against the other parent with the aid of a private investigator. You may demonstrate the other parent's disregard for the kids' upbringing using proof. The parent not spending enough time with the child within their designated hours is an illustration of a careless attitude. The investigator can also check whether a parent is abusing alcohol or other drugs, which can have an impact on the health and happiness of the child. If this is the situation, the investigator can employ the right surveillance tactics to capture them engaging in questionable or unlawful behavior, which can strengthen your case.

Background investigation

The other parent's background can also be checked by a private investigator. A background check on your ex-partner might provide information about their behavior patterns or call logs. In essence, a private investigator will work to support your case that your ex-partner is unable to care for your children. Background checks are also done by private detectives on anyone who interacts with the other parent. Your case may be strengthened if the other parent exposes your kids to persons with a criminal history.

Monitoring the Other Parent

Monitoring the other parent might reveal whether they are engaging in any dubious activities. This may apply in situations where the other parent is unable to carry out the terms of the custody arrangement for the kid. In addition, if your ex-partner drives recklessly, this might be used against them in court. If so, it could be admitted into evidence in court. This will demonstrate that they are unfit to care for your children.

Non-declaration of Assets

If the suspect's parents have not disclosed all their assets, the court may cast doubt on their character, which may lead to other issues. In this case, an investigator can be useful since they can determine whether the parent has hidden any assets.

Finding Your Child

You might not be aware of your child's whereabouts if your ex-partner has exclusive custody of the kids. Fortunately, a private detective can assist you in finding your child. The investigator can also assist you in determining your child's health and whether your ex-partner is giving your child loving care. You can ask for custody of your child if the other parent is mistreating your kids. All you must do to do this is to provide the essential evidence that your investigator has carefully acquired and documented.

You can get ready for a custody dispute with the aid of our investigators. To provide their clients with the proof they need to prevail in their custody dispute, our UTAH private investigators collaborate with attorneys from all around the state. Our private investigation company's UTAH custody detectives have assisted in reversing visitations, denying custody, winning custody, awarding custody, and reducing child support. Set up a free consultation right now if you need proof and supporting documents to assist win your case.

Child’s Well-being

There is only one method to demonstrate that your ex is acting as claimed. That is accomplished by surveillance and having a UTAH private detective track their every step. Drug and alcohol abuse, leaving a child unattended while a parent went out to drink, giving the child to a known criminal while they work, breaking earlier agreements, child neglect, and much more have all been successfully recorded. The only information the judges will have been hearsay unless a private investigator is recording these acts.


Typically, covert surveillance is the basis of most private investigations. Our skilled private detectives have together completed tens of thousands of surveillance investigations and are able to surreptitiously compile irrefutable photographic and video evidence that may make or break most of our clients' cases.

Popular Surveillance Needs

  • Recording a person's movements, activities, locations, habits, and personal connections, the proper usage, and execution of covert surveillance is frequently the most effective choice, if not the only one.

  • The best way to prove infidelity, cohabitation, theft, fraud, child, or elder abuse, among many other things that require visual documentation in a consistent and presentable evidentiary format, is with video evidence from surveillance.

This is true for any situation that calls for the taking of photo or video evidence. Our local private investigators are familiar with UTAH's streets and are capable of carrying out covert surveillance investigations to get the expert video evidence you want for your case or to merely calm your mind.

Undercover Surveillance

Investigators that specialize in covert surveillance are experienced, skilled professionals with years of expertise. Our team of private investigators has extensive expertise in conducting surveillance operations both domestically and abroad. When executing all surveillance investigations in accordance with all State, Federal, and Local Laws, great surveillance professionals show leadership, expertise, and knowledge.

We are experts in providing a range of surveillance services to clients in UTAH. Our private investigators are seasoned professionals with extensive experience in surveillance who are completely licensed, bonded, and insured. You've arrived at the correct site if you're looking for totally private, discreet surveillance services in UTAH. We do surveillance at all levels whether you need to obtain information on a cheating spouse, an insurance claim, or an employee.

Various Surveillance Services

  • Worker's compensation surveillance

  • Infidelity surveillance

  • Personal injury claim surveillance

  • Property surveillance

Background investigation/check

By using a competent background screening program and routine background checks, companies may avoid many of the problems they now encounter. The efficient utilization of initial and continuing background checks is essential to the successful running of any organization.

Our responsibility is to perform thorough background checks to filter out as many potential threats throughout the employment process as we can.

Consider this, which may have been avoided with rigorous and continuous background check:

The average cost to replace an employee range from $7000 to $40,000, and firms lose close to $36 billion yearly because of violence and other unlawful activities committed in the workplace. Nearly one-third of all businesses fail as a direct result of employee theft or internal sabotage. Up to one-third of all job applications include fabrications and omissions. More than half of all new recruits are unsuccessful long-term.

Our private investigators employ a number of investigative techniques and physically enter courthouses to retrieve your documents. The most important and pertinent elements of a relevant and comprehensive background check are not included when other investigation businesses just employ computerized background check data as their final report. A simple background check wouldn't reveal that a person had been legally accused but not arrested and still had to appear in court. Only physically approaching the courthouse or running the person's name by a police officer can yield that information. It is not data that can be easily found by a background check on a computer.

Surveillance for Pre-Employment

Do you need pre-employment testing for potential employees? If so, let one of our private investigators help you determine whether this candidate is a suitable fit for your business. Employees not only serve as the public face of your company, but they also stand for its core principles. Before hiring them, you must ensure that these workers have undergone a background check. We have discovered that many job applicants are lying on their applications due to the current state of the economy and a lack of employment opportunities in specific industries. We will not accept any background checks on potential workers without their signed consent because when you utilize one of our comprehensive criminal history reports for pre-employment screening, these reports are deemed consumer reports and must be treated as such.

UTAH tenant background checks

To safeguard your investments, be sure to do thorough tenant background checks on any prospective renters whether you currently have tenants or are thinking about investing in rental property. Crime exists everywhere, whether you live in a gated neighborhood or one of UTAH's high crime districts. Sometimes people are not what they seem to be on paper. We will disclose any UTAH convictions, UTAH accident records, civil lawsuits, and bankruptcies, and verify the status of sex offenders utilizing a nationwide sex offender search when we complete our tenant background checks on your candidates.

It makes a lot of sense to confirm renters' applications right away, especially given how our nation's laws shield tenants from eviction and the drawn-out judicial procedure that would ensue if they were uncooperative. You could be shielded from costly litigation in the future with a minor investment made today. For our customers, our private detectives verify the rental history of tenants across the entire state. Let one of our private investigators check this information out for you.

Services for bug sweep investigations

We offer expert bug sweeping services. We have the resources required to make sure your privacy is not being compromised, whether you are a major business or a regular person. Our private investigators have received specialized training in locating these gadgets and listening devices. Only the most advanced and effective insect sweeping tools are used by professionals. We can assist if you are being bugged.

When doing bug sweeps, our experts keep a low profile. Today, there are several varieties of bugging devices accessible online, ranging in price from $5 to over $1000. They all function in various ways, and some of them are very effective. If the bug-sweeping investigator does not know what to look for, they might not be able to detect the hidden cameras because some of them are even motion-activated.

Our technical counter surveillance measure experts have uncovered bugs in unexpected places including coffee cups, power outlets, motion-activated stick cameras with night vision, GPS trackers on a car, and live recording devices under an individual's desk at work. These gadgets are used on people for a variety of purposes by competitors in business.

Due to the following, you may be getting bugged

  • Your company's rivals could be attempting to gain trade secrets or insider knowledge.

  • You could be being stalked.

  • You could be under surveillance by the state or local law authorities for some reason.

  • Your significant other may have hidden listening devices, tracking devices, or recording equipment in the home or car if you are going through a divorce.

  • You could have a nosy neighbor who enjoys overhearing phone calls in your community.

  • You can have an unhappy worker who wants to ruin your company.

Your home, place of work, or car might all be compromised for a variety of reasons. It's all been seen by us. One of our Sweeping Specialists will meticulously examine your scenario to ascertain and figure out what is happening.

We can schedule a time for the start of your bug sweep and provide you with a free consultation right away. No job is too little or big for our experts. In homes, businesses, and automobiles, we have successfully conducted insect sweeps. Call us right now to begin.

Hacking of cell phones

How can you determine if your cell phone has been remotely tracked, monitored, or cloned? Many Americans (99.9%) will respond that they cannot! In today's world, when mobile phones have direct access to your email, passwords, personal information, and whereabouts, protection against cell phone hacking is essentially nonexistent. The ability to openly access mobile phones has allowed stalkers, identity thieves, cyber terrorists, sexual predators, pedophiles, foreign entities, and private investigators to follow their exact whereabouts, access protected and sensitive data, and get unfettered access to their financial information. Your entire life is at risk if someone gets unrestricted access to your phone! Hacking a cell phone may give you access to your whole world.

If someone gains access to your phone, they can see

  • Location

  • Passwords

  • Personal Information

  • Calls

  • Texts

  • Email

  • Photos

  • Social Media

  • Calendar

  • Apps

  • Banking Information

We can figure out who sent you texts and what they said. Even deleted images from a phone can be recovered. The latest cellphones in today's smartphone culture keep encrypted data inside the cell phone that may be recovered even if the owner erased the information, which is something that most people are unaware of. Some of the same tools that our local law enforcement and our government employees use to acquire mobile phone information are also used by our private investigators to conduct their investigations.

Mobile and Computer Forensics

Our computer forensic professionals can retrieve lost MP3 files, PDF files, Microsoft Office and Open Office documents, photos, and more. We are experts in conducting these kinds of investigations, so if anything significant was removed, we would uncover it. Our private detectives are capable of far more than simply recovering data from a hard disk. Even erased information from thumb drives, SD Cards, memory sticks, etc. can be recovered by our private investigators.

You might need to recover lost data from a computer for a variety of reasons.

  • You could require one of our private investigators to check whether any files were accidentally erased from a computer

  • You could be an anxious parent, boss, or spouse. Our computer forensic investigators may assist you with any investigation needs you may have.

  • Finding "Chat Logs" on a computer is one specialized technique that we use. Exactly who the individual is conversing with on the computer and what they are saying may be found out by our detectives! The results of the private investigators' examination of each client's conversation log will be given to you.

  • Because of the findings of our investigations, we have prevented known sex offenders and catfishing predators from committing crimes.

For us to get the information, you don't even need to be signed into the chat or be aware of the person's password. Our private investigators are skilled at removing password protection from computers so they can still obtain the information you want. On their computer forensic investigations, our private investigators have access to the same equipment and materials as local, state, and federal investigators use. Even some of these computer forensic tools are supplied to them by us. Let one of our computer forensic investigators do the investigating as you see what's on your computer.

Night Lights




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+1 (435) 990-0165

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We are a full-service investigative firm that specializes in insurance and workers' compensation fraud, domestic investigations and surveillance, attorney services, and criminal investigations. We are ideally positioned to deliver discreet, professional investigative services, drawing on years of experience in all these areas.

We distinguish ourselves from other private investigators by our attention to detail and commitment to achieving excellent professional results on each case we accept. Our agents have the experience, resources, and pride necessary to ensure that your investigation yields the finest possible results.

We won't take your case unless we're certain we'll be able to give exactly what you've asked for. Each case begins with a thorough examination of your goals, followed by an investigation strategy tailored to your specific needs. Each case is methodically tracked, with all information thoroughly analyzed as it emerges, assuring that case objectives are in line with your objectives. All investigations are carried out in a timely and professional manner, with a brief and well-written report supplied at the end.

We recognize and realize that investigations can entail highly sensitive, emotional, and private circumstances that require the highest care and discretion. We will make every effort to provide a pleasant environment to reduce the tension that comes with dealing with sensitive issues.

Our top private investigators have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as a high level of ethics and diligence. We take pride in our outstanding reputation as one of Utah's finest private investigators and detective firms, and we continually provide our clients with legitimate reasons to refer us to others.

Throughout Utah, our expert staff performs surveillance daily in difficult and unique places. Our investigators are experienced in adjusting to their surroundings and can employ a variety of vehicles. We use cutting-edge still and video surveillance technology. Hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, and undercover technicians are all available to help in any situation. We don't get caught and remain undetected while delivering the results you require.

You have a problem, which is why you've come to us for help. We specialize in uncovering the truth and providing peace of mind.

I am so thankful for this awesome team! They have helped finish a case my husband has been working on for 4 years! VERY professional, VERY speedy. Thank you for all that you have done!

Gloria P.

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