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North Carolina Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

North Carolina Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

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The North Carolina Private Investigator Firm is a North Carolina Private Detective company that offers affordable private investigator services to the State of North Carolina. We OFFER affordable private investigator services to the State of NORTH CAROLINA. PI NEAR ME makes it easy to find private investigators near me (YOU). We are a premier full-service private detective agency serving all cities across the state of NORTH CAROLINA. We investigate all types of cases ranging from infidelity-cheating spouses to child custody and background checks to complex digital forensic issues on computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. At PI NEAR ME we work with the Best private investigators and detectives in NORTH CAROLINA.

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You will find that “private investigator” and “private detective” are both used. There is no difference between a private investigator and a private detective. Detective refers to someone who investigates crime who is directly tied to law enforcement. The truth is that unless they are directly employed full time through local police departments they are technically a private investigator.


40 states require a PI Firm or Agency license issued at the state level if you want to own or operate a private investigations agency. The other 16 licensing jurisdictions don’t issue separate PI agency licenses. Instead, they either 1) don’t license PIs or PI agencies at all, 2) recognize individually licensed PIs as being able to establish a PI business by following the standard rules for business licensing, or 3) require individually licensed PIs to meet requirements that are similar to what is usually required for agency licensing and consider the licenses to be one and the same.


Background Checks:

The public may do background checks on literally hundreds of websites. These web resources appear to be excellent sources of information on people. Although they deliver data quickly, they are not necessarily current or comprehensive. There is no quality assurance used with these types of services, which is an issue. They essentially aggregate information, and that information is frequently misleading and may even include information from individuals unrelated to your subject. Therefore, background checks that are humanly verified by our qualified private investigators help ensure attention to detail, accuracy, and quality results.

Here is where a specialist can help.

Through their expert analysis of the data, private investigators may provide an additional layer of quality control. Private investigators also have access to information that is updated far more often than it is in these internet sources. Private investigators frequently use large databases that are not accessible to the public, and they will verify various sources to assist validate their findings.

When you get a background check from our agency, you get the most up-to-date, thorough information that is currently accessible. We use several databases that contain data obtained from a variety of sources, including the DMV, vital records, courtroom criminal records, local aggregators, national collectors, credit bureaus, and many, many more.

Background checks are a rather inexpensive service that may offer much-needed assurance.

Let's be honest, It might be frightening to start a company with someone you don't know well or to date online. A background check might prevent you from facing several problems and costs down the road. To assist you in reaching a more informed business or personal choice, our investigators are qualified private investigators that provide comprehensive information on practically anyone in the United States.

What kinds of data are revealed during a background check?

More than 10,000 sources provide us with information on 97% of the world's population, allowing us to build a proprietary data solution that is unrivaled in its scalability and reliability.

  • Full names as well as aliases

  • Court records

  • Driving history

  • Bankruptcies

  • Recognized addresses

  • Known phone numbers

  • Information on employment (not always, but oftentimes)

  • Ownership of a business

  • Employment references (required before employment)

  • Verification of education

  • Criminal record

  • Real estate liens

  • License information

  • Relatives

  • Neighbors

  • Associates

  • Vehicles owned

  • Status of sex offenders

  • License records

  • Email addresses (known and associated)

  • Information from social media

  • Court cases' records

... and a lot more

We have access to information about vehicle sightings around the US. These have shown to be quite successful in discovering children who have been removed by a parent in violation of the custody agreement, retrieving stolen automobiles or for repossession operations, figuring out recent address changes, serving process, and many other matters.

What type of background check do our clients need?

When hiring a nanny, conduct a background check.

No choice is more personal or significant than choosing a nanny or childcare provider, and while a basic background check doesn't convey the whole picture, it does give an idea of what to anticipate. Naturally, someone who is uneasy would not want you to know something about their background that might prevent them from getting the job, and you would probably not want to entrust the safety and upbringing of your children to someone like this.

When hiring an employee, conduct a background check.

The recruiting process doesn't have to be a difficult effort loaded with worry and time-consuming procedures. For many years, we have had the chance and capacity to ensure that anybody we hire is not just qualified for the position, but also the best person for it. We hear horror stories about employed people who are competent but otherwise dishonest or, at best, irresponsible far too frequently

Although it is not required, we advise asking the prospective employee for their consent to do the background check, particularly if you are allowing them into your house to care for your children. In many instances, you'll discover that how they react to this question is all you need to know.

You will want their social security number, entire legal name, and proof of identification. Our background checks are cutting edge in terms of their thoroughness and scope so, you can contrast the data they've previously given you with what you discover in the background. The most crucial factor will be their criminal history, and we will be hoping they are not on any sex offender lists that would automatically prohibit them from this kind of service.

Know that you will receive the most knowledgeable and amiable service in the area when you use us for your background checking needs. We take pleasure in our work and offer each client the time they require. We are always here to assist and provide the best guidance and advice.

Checking Your Background Before Dating

One can never be too careful in the modern world, especially when it comes to issues of the heart. There are many love tales with happy ends in the world, but just like most things in life, there are also many horror stories. Fortunately, we have the resources available to ensure that, or at the very least, alleviate any possible traps one may run into in the dating scene. Now, I'm not advocating that you conduct background checks on everyone you meet, but it would be wise to do so if you were considering continuing a connection with someone. Whether it's damage to the money or the heart, we must all take precautions to keep ourselves safe. There are people out there who take advantage of people's vulnerabilities when they are looking to improve their lives and share themselves with a compatible partner. Numerous factors need to be considered, such as "how you met this individual," "their age," and "willingness" of the person to divulge some personal history. Dating and the start of a relationship are quite like job interviews. We firmly advise people to give our agency a call to do these background checks and provide peace of mind.

Detailed explanations of some reasons to hire our private investigators

Your meeting style matters.

The invention of the internet gave individuals the opportunity to communicate with others from all different spheres of life. This opened many doors for good, but it also frequently and increasingly did so for bad and lies. Whereas earlier you were only able to see a small portion of the globe, now you have more possibilities, but there is also more potential to be "catfished." Catfishing, to put it simply, is when you meet someone online who isn't precisely who they claim to be. They respond to your questions with replies that are, at best, hazy and vague. Their refusal to meet with you, their profiles being empty or, at most, basic with generic photographs, and—perhaps most importantly—their refusal to video chat with you are some warning signals. The thieves who hide behind a computer and only want to steal as much money as they can from your bank account are typically drawn to older people. Every day our investigators see and converse with customers who, in our opinion, require a background investigation to obtain the information they require and ultimately save themselves hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and pain.

"How old is the individual?"

While it is true that as you age, you get wiser, it doesn't matter how old you are when it comes to issues of the heart. Who can blame an older person for wanting company when you can have anything you want? Knowing someone's age is crucial, especially when communicating online. Age counts since it is a distinguishable factor that is easily verifiable. Additionally, the more information a person has online and the easier it is to identify them, the older they should be. Call our investigators once again, and we'll work with you to find the appropriate solutions.

How receptive are they to sharing details?

Recently, we worked with a customer who is a highly successful company owner. When it comes to mergers & acquisitions, she is unbeatable. This woman is knowledgeable, but when it comes to love, she appeared a little lost. Her failed marriage and years of unsuccessful relationships made it difficult for her to choose the ideal partner for her personal life. We knew when she came to us with this case that the individual, she was corresponding with online was simply interested in her for her money. We noted that she always got brief, at best, and occasionally no replies to her personal questions about the person. The person didn't want to divulge any more information about themselves than was necessary. There were just too many explanations and inconsistencies. Unfortunately, they had already taken her for a sizable sum of money and were now demanding more. She grew wiser and demanded that we investigate the person's history or, at the very least, confirm his claims. We were able to follow up because of this background check and discover that the individual did not exist, at least not in the manner that they were claiming. When they ask for money, the first sign that anything is wrong is always when they start slowly and with modest sums but once they realize that their target is willing, they never let up and are relentless. Hence, stay alert to the signals.

In conclusion, if you believe you could be interested in someone seriously, do a background check on them. We can do background checks on anyone residing anywhere in the United States and supply you with the appropriate information to aid in your decision-making.

NORTH CAROLINA Background Checks & Criminal Record Checks

The appropriate knowledge may make these decisions much simpler. Making the right decisions in life can be challenging and time-consuming. For instance, it's crucial to understand the character and history of a potential employee, and here is where our Investigators may be of use. Because they can interview effectively, many companies fall into a trap of giving their companies over to less-than-ideal applicants. Later, they come to regret it and learn that a quick and expertly conducted background check would have spared them the time and effort. There are restrictions on the kind of searches that the public may conduct, and this is where our Investigators are uniquely qualified to help you. You'll discover that the expense is not unreasonable, and the potential return on investment might be enormous, saving you probably much more in the long or short run.

Here are three advantages of hiring us

  1. We are professionals

We take great delight in offering the most informative and welcoming experience in and around NORTH CAROLINA. We have been performing background checks for more than 20 years, so we are familiar with what to look for and where to search for it. We examine all supplied data to give the customer the best possible experience, allowing them to get in touch with us whenever they have questions about their results.

  1. We have the appropriate authority

We cannot overstate how crucial this is. Yes, anybody may purchase a background check online, but the data is frequently incomplete and unreliable. Most of it is outdated and just historical. Each year, our Investigators are screened and checked for compliance with quality control requirements. As a result, we have access to the most recent information accessible and documents that would not otherwise be available to the public. It is crucial to emphasize that we are conscious of the potential for misuse of such information, which is why we do our vetting of the clients who will be receiving it. Due to the sensitive nature of the service, we offer, we take precautions to ensure that it is only used for authorized purposes and never falls into the wrong hands.

  1. Precision and Certainty

It is our goal to provide our customers with a sense of security. We accomplish this by providing accurate information-based facts that are guaranteed to be accurate, enabling you to make the best decision possible. We are particularly qualified to provide such information at affordable prices with the best customer service in NORTH CAROLINA.

The first and only thing you need to do is give our NORTH CAROLINA private investigators a call. Do not fall for these subpar background checks. We usually warn our clients that paying for those services would result in them having to pay twice or three times to find the appropriate information. Call our investigators today and go to the correct one-stop-shop to give yourself the upper hand and the best advantage.

Career/Business Matters

The first stage in any hiring procedure should be a pre-employment background check. The most recent information is offered by our NORTH CAROLINA private investigators to assist you in making the best choices possible. This may help you avoid making a variety of nightmarish hiring decisions and perhaps save you time and money. We have heard innumerable tales over the years where a well-conducted background check would have prevented disaster. We affirm to all our clients that the greatest and most crucial decisions must be made using the most accurate information at hand.

Here are some justifications for getting in touch with us to carry out your pre-employment background check.

Although there are internet services that provide background checks and information, please be aware that these services are underdeveloped and unhelpful. The data they provide is frequently dated and essentially historical. They miss some crucial details that only authorized private investigators can obtain. Your company is quite similar to your child; thus, you want to give it to the most qualified and reliable applicant.

Our authority is appropriate

As lifetime investigators, we have amassed a solid body of information and refined our skills. Therefore, we have been providing NORTH CAROLINA with the greatest and friendliest service for almost 20 years. The only way to acquire the proper information is through a stringent control measure that we are subject to. Authority is essential. We are the only ones having access to some pieces of information, and we must maintain compliance with the established criteria to be eligible to receive this information. We are protectors of the truth and are aware of the importance of this information, thus we do not readily share it without the necessary permission.

When you hire a private investigator, you deserve the finest. We offer pre-employment background checks at one convenient location. We can provide you with the greatest and most current information at the most affordable prices. Hire us to offer the best applicant based on the pre-employment background search to give yourself a competitive advantage.

Kids' Safety

If you're anything like me, you consider your children to be the most priceless gift anyone has ever given you. We should be interested in the "who," "what," "when," "where," and "how" of their lives. Some could claim that we are "invading their privacy" by interfering with their life. I don't concur. It is our responsibility as parents to give our kids the greatest possible guidance and instruction. Although we don't want children to make the same mistakes we did, they will undoubtedly make mistakes—possibly some BIG ones. Our children are growing up in a different era than we were. Information from the internet, TV, radio, and of course their peers are constantly being thrown at them. Your youngster has access to more information than ever before, which is moving at a quicker rate than it ever has. In our fast-paced environment, children are infamous for "doing before thinking," which will happen increasingly frequently and with disastrous results. We [parents] are also overworked and fall short of our expectations of being present for our kids always.

I want you to reflect on the following issues:

  • Do you get to spend as much time as you'd want with your kids?

  • Do you truly understand what is going on in their personal lives?

  • Do they communicate? Or do they become distant when you start to challenge them?

You could be right if you think your child is keeping anything from you. Wouldn't you like to know whether that "something" is booze or drugs so you can intervene before it gets out of your control and, maybe, into the hands of the authorities? Perhaps your youngster is interacting with a "new crowd" or some people you don't know well. You're observing worrying behavioral changes. Perhaps your child is spending less time at home and more time at the homes of friends.

It's never too late when it comes to our kids. However, if you don't take prompt, responsible action, your child can place you and your family in a precarious situation for which you might be held legally and financially accountable. And more significant than that is the possibility that your child is in danger. Before you find yourself questioning "why" something happened to you, find out the reality.

Kids' Welfare

We provide expert child neglect investigations using cutting-edge surveillance services in the NORTH CAROLINA region for grandparents, in-laws, rival parents, or anyone else attempting to establish child mistreatment to get custody. If there is neglect, our experienced staff can and will show it. Our team has the skills and background required to provide outcomes for our clients. We take child abuse extremely seriously and would be happy to assist anyone in making a kid's life better.

Children should be bestowed with two parents who can create a stable, wholesome, and secure household in an ideal world. However, as we are all aware, this is not always the case. There are situations when a child is exposed to an abusive or neglectful environment. The children should remain with a parent or parents who are legally recognized as "qualified" in such situations. There are a few critical things you should be aware of regarding child custody. Most of the time, the court is biased in favor of one side. For instance, the court can be biased against the father and in favor of the mother. When the grandparents are on the other side, the court can occasionally be biased in favor of the parents. You must use every tool at your disposal if you're requesting custody of a child or children. Fortunately, there is a resource you may use to greatly increase your chances of winning in court. Remember that the court will ultimately lean toward the party who can best give the kid or children a loving, stable home. Our investigators can accomplish this for you.

In child custody investigations, a private investigator would often search for indications of abuse, neglect, or unsuitable parenting. The private investigator may use a variety of methods and techniques. However, a great private investigator makes his or her living mostly through observation. The collection of evidence on the child's treatment and living circumstances may be done extremely effectively through surveillance. Any indications of cruelty or neglect can be captured on camera, photographed, and recorded.

Sometimes clients come to us with scant knowledge about someone who is around their kid, such as a relative of the other parent, a babysitter, or just different visitors to the other parent's house. It can be worthwhile to have one of our skilled private investigators conduct a thorough background check on them if you find that you have reservations about who might be near your child.

A private investigator will look for certain indicators, such as:

  • A parent making up a stable job claim

  • Living in a crowded or messy home

  • Drug use

  • Leaving the child unattended in the house or a car

  • Neglecting the child's safety in a car (e.g., an unbuckled seatbelt)

  • Parents not having a driver's license

  • Signs of a terrified child

  • Markings and bruises from physical abuse

  • Or whom children are being exposed to

  • Who will be the child's roommate for the night?

  • Who is taking them to daycare, school, or after-school activities in a car?

  • Who is supervising or watching the kid?

  • Are they attending school as they ought to?

  • Do they have access to or experience drug or alcohol abuse?

  • Who does your "ex" currently date or see?

  • Is there verbal or physical abuse?

To find out what your child is exposed to when with a custodial or non-custodial parent, you may want to hire a professional and experienced private investigator. The kid may be exposed to long-term neglect, physical or mental abuse, parental intoxication, and/or substance misuse. Any of these might fundamentally alter custody arrangements and shift the court system in your favor if evidence of them is presented. Plus, it could support in removing your child from a risky circumstance.

Keep in mind that the court will generally assume that the kid or children should remain with their parents. Your task is to disprove their claims. You will see the private investigator's services as essential due to their proficiency in revealing abuse or neglect.

Liability Case

Some people in our increasingly litigious society will hunt for any excuse to file a lawsuit demanding compensation for harms, real or imagined. Politicians frequently discuss tort reform as a means of reducing malicious lawsuits that are frequently filed against businesses and people in the hopes of a successful out-of-court settlement. Business losses are significant, and personal losses can be catastrophic.

Most of these malicious lawsuits fall under the category of liability actions, in which the plaintiffs suffer an injury but assert a severe impairment. In contrast, some suffer harm because of their negligence yet wish to place the blame elsewhere. Even worse are situations in which the plaintiff fabricates a claim of damage to file a lawsuit for financial advantage.

Liability lawsuits frequently feature allegations of emotional and psychological harm that have prevented the victims from leading regular lives or participating in society as they would want. We are aware that incidents of fraud have been found with adequate inquiry, even if we are not claiming that all these accusations are founded on incorrect or exaggerated grounds. An out-of-court settlement that may lessen financial losses can be struck if the responsibility claim is being made against a company or a public agency. However, small enterprises and private individuals do not have such alternatives, so they must exercise caution to avoid becoming scam victims. Our Investigators can be of assistance.

Fraud cases are nothing new to our team of investigators, who collectively have decades of expertise in the field. Our team can assist you in determining the accuracy of the claim and the injuries claimed by the individual initiating the lawsuit against you using the investigation and surveillance tactics established over a long career. We can create a body of evidence by documenting and following the claimants' behavior, which may enable you to avoid expensive litigation. When our research is over, we'll provide you with a thorough dossier that may be readily included in your defense and give the judge proof that your case is strong. Additionally, our private investigators are available to testify in court as witnesses and strengthen the physical and surveillance evidence they have obtained with their testimony.

GPS Tracking

Is your partner or child going where they say they are? Do business vehicles need to be tracked?

Today, GPS, or the "Global Positioning System," is as widespread as digital watches. Almost everyone's car either comes with one as standard equipment or has an aftermarket device. It is crucial to clarify how helpful GPS may be throughout an inquiry. The main benefit of GPS is its affordability. Reducing the duration of live observation can lower the cost of an investigation. Additionally, GPS is incredibly precise and trustworthy. If it's a decent device, you can pinpoint the car or ship it to within a few inches. Additionally, it is little and nearly unnoticeable.

And now for the awful news...

The cost and dependability of GPS devices vary greatly. If you don't know what you're doing, you'll purchase a GPS tracking device that makes grandiose claims but delivers nonsense. Additionally, you need to sign up for a service after purchasing the item. Yes, you read it correctly, more money. The cost of the tracking service might also vary greatly. It's also crucial to keep in mind that the GPS device and service will only provide information on the location of the device itself, not necessarily the location of the target individual. The number of investigators and their clients who believe that GPS is a "cure-all" will astound you.

For instance, the client's unfaithful husband makes a regular "exercise" trip to the gym. The client or the investigator notices where the client's car is and makes no comment about it. You watch his car leave an hour later as he goes home. Unbeknownst to you, he drove to the gym, met his mistress there, got in her car, and they departed for, well, you know...

The truth is that GPS should only be used in conjunction with traditional monitoring methods, or as a complement to them. Hiring someone educated in GPS monitoring, the gear, and the services on offer is your best option. Most of the tools sold to the public are of a far lower caliber than those employed by skilled investigators. Our investigators place the unit covertly and track it in real-time using the best tools and most advanced technologies. Contact us today to determine the best option to meet your needs.

Missing Persons/Child

In missing persons cases, you must provide us as much information as you can about a missing person for our investigators to find them, including name, date of birth, social security number, age, last known address, and any other details you may think are relevant. We have access to a variety of tools that the "ordinary person" does not, such as databases and the newest technology, which will help us gather the data we need to do a background check and find the individual you're looking for.

We also have greater access to the vast volumes of publicly available data and documents. This gives our investigators an advantage in their search. The typical query while trying to find a missing individual is "How long will it take?" Our extensive resources and professional expertise can enable them to discover someone in 24 hours or less, depending on the individual we are looking for. However, a lot will rely on how eager the person is to be located. The approach could be simple whether you're seeking an old buddy, a long-lost love, or a family member. But if the individual you're looking for is trying to avoid the law, it can take a lot longer since they might have altered their identity or appearance or even relocated out of the state or the nation. No matter how long it takes, our investigators will assist you in obtaining the serenity and closure you need.


Sadly, the dream does not last forever, and many who believed they had discovered their soulmate may wander. One spouse can betray the other in a variety of ways, but infidelity is frequently the worst. When one learns that their spouse has broken the trust spelled forth in the marital vows, the emotional grief that results is immense. Extramarital relationships have a wide range of negative effects on friends, other family members, and your health. When kids are involved, they frequently suffer the most detrimental effects. Additionally, it is hard to estimate the long-term impact of unexpected pregnancies or sexually transmitted illnesses. In light of this, we are committed to providing our customers support that is grounded in humanity, compassion, and care. You will need evidence if you think your spouse is being unfaithful while considering what to do.

Our domestic and family investigators have an unrivaled team of specialists that are experts in spouse monitoring and evidence gathering. Our private detectives will follow your spouse's travels using methods they've perfected over years to create a chronology of their locations and activities. Using the latest photographic and video graphics tools available, we will gather visual evidence to create a folder of proof that, if necessary, can serve as the basis for legal action. Additionally, to support the evidence gathered, our team is prepared to offer background checks and expert witness testimony. We base our service offerings and delivery on discretion and professionalism, and we exclusively want to benefit our clients. Knowing the truth brings peace of mind, and concrete evidence can be crucial in divorce processes.

What proof is required to establish adultery?

Our knowledgeable private investigators give customers all the proof required to demonstrate "Inclination and Opportunity." For want of a better phrase, these are the components required to support your claim that your spouse is having an extramarital affair. When two individuals are seen displaying affection in any way, such as kissing, hugging, or holding hands, this is referred to as an "inclination." Two persons entering a home, hotel, car, or any other location where adultery may be committed constitutes an "opportunity." You don't need to catch them in the act, even though we have. It is considered that, while they are alone, they are acting out those emotions or affection.

Cheating Wife:

Women cheat for a variety of reasons. A woman often chooses a companion they would want to spend time with frequently, but a male could only be seeking someone for physical reasons. Women seek to build a stronger emotional bond with someone they believe would be an "upgrade" or a better choice than their present relationship. They devote time and energy to a connection in the hopes that it will help them. Whether they are looking for a man who is stronger, more self-assured OR a man who is more intelligent and accomplished than their spouse. This might be anybody from someone she connects with more readily than you to someone who can deliver more effectively than you. Most of us are familiar with someone who married for security rather than for love. In this case, the lady decided to "settle," in their eyes and tends to cheat to indulge their dreams with someone else instead of you. These women frequently seek out opportunities to "upgrade" if they arise, but they are satisfied to have their cake and eat it too.

Lack of closeness or sexual fulfillment is another factor that may cause a woman to cheat. For women to be entirely pleased, passion and an emotional connection are necessary. If you're intimate with your wife and you're not feeling passionate, chances are good that she's not either. When a man exhibits a genuine interest in her, a woman who is experiencing this lack of closeness and chemistry is inclined to cheat. In our capacity as experienced private detectives, we frequently see this. Even if you might feel that everything is "fine," it is essential to talk to your wife about her wants and preferences.

Unfortunately, this syndrome of "he did it, so I can too" exists. Whether or not you find out, she is having sex with someone to make up for your previous transgressions. Frequently, the lady chooses a person you know well. Never mind the "man code," it may be a sibling or even the closest friend. They are aware that it is far simpler for a woman to find a sexual partner than a guy, and they take advantage of this fact to exact revenge. The person they cheat on, whether a man or a woman, is frequently someone they work with or for. In contrast to men, women typically find it to be someone at or above their pay grade. I'll go out on a limb and say that workplace romances make up 90% of the infidelity cases we handle since they are so widespread.

Typical Indicators Your Wife is Cheating

  • Unusual or excessive cell phone use, such as locking or password-protecting the device or erasing texts, emails, or browser history.

  • Strange and excessive internet use (requires a user account and password of their own, shows symptoms of conversing, using Skype, posting pictures of ex-boyfriends on Facebook, etc.).

  • Spending more time away from home

  • Working more or on the weekends

  • Being unreachable

  • Wearing perfume & or dressing nicer, sexier, or differently

  • Working out or working out more

  • Behaving aloof from you, not interested in having sex or being intimate with you

  • Having unexplained receipts or expenditures.

Cheating Husband:

Because men are visual beings, they are susceptible to visual seduction. Even the most self-controlled male cannot help but notice when a woman dresses in a way that emphasizes her figure. Therefore, it shouldn't be a surprise that when males commit adultery, they are first gratifying a sexual urge or want. The cause can be a lack of domestic sex, a lack of domestic exploration, or stark sexual disparities between them and their partner. It can be because of a gradual growing apart or because the woman is unaware of her husband's genuine aspirations or wishes.

If you want to know who he's cheating with, when he sees them, and where—whatever the cause may be. Our investigators can thoroughly and discretely obtain the proof you need to go on with your life to determine if your husband or partner is faithful or not. This proof is especially crucial for a wife who has supported her husband through good times and bad and now depends on his salary to maintain a particular standard of living or degree of comfort. Or to a woman who worries about how she will financially support her children in the future. Finally, but by no means least, this proof is for the lady who wants assurance.

Cheats tell lies. They simply do it that way. They will be in such denial that they will extend that denial to your questions and believe they can get away with the affair. Frequently, when a wife confronts or asks her husband about potential infidelity, the husband becomes defensive and may even label her as insane or paranoid. These questions might at times make people angry. If any of this seems similar, you might want to think about working with a private detective to get to the bottom of things.

Typical Indicators your Husbands Cheating

  • Unusual or excessive cell phone use, such as locking or password-protecting the device or erasing texts, emails, or browser history.

  • Strange and excessive computer use (requires a user account and password of their own, shows evidence of talking, Skype, old girlfriends on Facebook, staying up late on the computer, etc.).

  • Working out or working out more

  • Dressing nicer or differently

  • Acting distant toward you

  • Not interested in having sex or being intimate with you

  • Spending more time away from home

  • Working more or on the weekends

  • Being unavailable at work when you call

  • Discovering hidden condoms

  • Starting a fight and using it as an excuse to leave.

Cheating Partner/Lover

There are numerous similarities between gay and lesbian civil unions, domestic relationships, and marriage in terms of problems. Cheating is no different. There will always be clues if your lover is cheating, regardless of the kind of relationship you are in.

Here are some common clues that your lover may be cheating

  • Maybe your partner has begun spending time with a new set of friends and doesn't involve you as easily.

  • Are they having "alone" business trips or working later? Your lover used to accompany you on many or all these outings, but they are no longer doing so.

  • Have you noticed your partner showing more interest in working out?

  • Are the purchases being made by your unfaithful lover mysterious or unusual, unexplained receipts/purchases, and unexplained purchases or payments on bank statements are all signs that your partner is cheating on you.

  • Cell phone and excessive computer usage or out of the ordinary

  • Secretive emailing, talking, Words with Friends gaming, and texting can all be indications of an unfaithful relationship.

  • Unusual and excessive mobile phone use (cell phone locked/password protected, erasing messages, emails, browser history, etc.)

  • Strange and excessive internet use (requires a user account and password, shows symptoms of conversing, using Skype, posting photos of ex-partners on Facebook, etc.).

  • Working out or working out more

  • Dressing nicer or differently

  • Acting distant toward you

  • Not interested in having sex or being intimate with you

  • Spending more time away from home

  • Working more or on the weekends

  • Being unavailable at work when you call

  • Causes a fight and leaves the house on the pretext of it.

Fraudulent Lover

It takes effort to stay dedicated to one person. You do not anticipate the person you love and trust betraying you unless you are in an open relationship. However, the truth is that infidelity does occur, and you are probably right if you have a gut sense it is occurring to you. The good news for you is that our detectives can support you if it is occurring to you. There are always warning signals, and if you're reading this, you've probably already seen one or more of them. You may rest easy knowing that if your partner—boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé—cheats on you, they COULD be discovered.

The success percentage of our investigations in determining the truth is 100%. Regardless of how sneaky or "slick" you believe your cheating partner to be, they will ultimately make a mistake, and we'll be there to catch them. You have a right to know if you think your boyfriend, girlfriend, or fiancé is cheating. You owe it to yourself to safeguard your emotions if you're in a relationship and unsure of how well you know the other person. And if you have a lot of money, you should research the person you spend most of your time with and confide in about your private life.

We can assist you in finding peace of mind if you believe you are a victim.

Typical Indicators Your Partner Is Cheating

  • Unusual or excessive cell phone use, such as locking or password-protecting the device or erasing texts, emails, or browser history.

  • Strange and excessive internet use (requires a user account and password, shows symptoms of conversing, using Skype, posting photos of ex-partners on Facebook, etc.).

  • Working out or working out more

  • Dressing nicer or differently

  • Acting distant toward you

  • Not interested in having sex or being intimate with you

  • Spending more time away from home

  • Working more or on the weekends

  • Being unavailable at work when you call

  • Unaccounted-for receipts/purchases

  • Starts a fight and uses it as an excuse to leave the house.

Cell phone forensics with Bug Sweeps

Odd mobile phone activity is by far today's most prevalent sign that someone is cheating, even though working later, smelling of perfume or cologne, and a decline in closeness are also important markers of adultery. Connecting with family, friends, and lovers has never been simpler thanks to the rise of cell phones, "smart" phones, tablets, apps, the internet, email, etc.

Licensed and Reputable Digital Forensic Experts

The methods used to extract digital evidence from a variety of electronic devices, including basic cell phones and cell phones with enhanced capabilities (sometimes known as "smart" phones, such as Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry smartphones), are taught to private investigators.

To collect any evidence that could be on the target device, we employ the most recent hardware and software. There may be evident throughout the gadget. Even software specifically designed to conceal images, texts (SMS & MMS), chat messages, phone calls, images, and videos exist. These tools can be disguised as benign programs and accessing their contents may need a separate password. To access this crucial evidence, we either find the password or ignore it entirely. There may still be copies of deleted data on the device, including long text conversation strings, photos, videos, chat messages and logs, emails, browser histories, and much more. Depending on how the user has configured the device and how frequently it is used, this information is kept for a limited period. The device's SD memory and SIM card, if applicable, both hold important data.

Spyware for mobile devices and "bugging"

It is feasible, and there are applications made particularly to watch someone's cell phone usage. Using the GPS capabilities of your phone, this program can locate you. It can listen in on your calls, watch the photographs you take or receive from others, record email and social media activities, and monitor your text exchanges. Although this is a possibility, we can find it and remove the software for you. Most of the time, this kind of infiltration is prohibited, and those who do it risk facing criminal charges.

Digital forensics

Few individuals are aware of the enormous quantity of data and information that computers keep. Contrary to popular belief, it is more challenging to entirely delete such data or information. Even when data and information have been erased on purpose, our computer forensic specialists can frequently find proof of or recover lost or deleted data and information. Emails, chat conversations, backup files from iPhones or other mobile devices, browsing histories, downloads, images, videos, social media communications, passwords, hidden files, metadata (EXIF, XMP, IPTC), and much more can be found in this data.

For instance, if we come across an incriminating image, we might be able to tell you when it was taken, where it was shot (using GPS/longitude & latitude information), and even what kind of camera was used to take the image (i.e. iPhone, Sony Cyber-Shot, Cannon, etc.).The evidence that may be gathered from a properly conducted computer forensic examination could help you quickly and successfully resolve your case. Furthermore, accurately gathered computer evidence is sometimes so condemning that the case is never heard in a courtroom. And if your case does end up in court, you can be confident that we will be able to provide expert testimony and clearly explain to the judge and potential jury the types of evidence we have and how we got them.

Never put your device or evidence in the hands of just anyone.

If you do, you run the danger of erasing any potential evidence and perhaps ruining your entire case. Consult experts, such as our private investigators, for advice. We have a proven track record of accomplishment and take forensics extremely seriously. We are available to you whether you need a forensic computer exam or a forensic examination of your cell phone.

Some other common requests from clients

  • Keeping an eye on the cheater's emails, chats, social media posts, and other online activity

  • Email tracing

  • Following a spouse or significant other's car, and identifying a suspect or lover are all possible.

  • Detection and voiding of electronic eavesdropping ("bugs," "wiretaps," "spyware," etc.)

  • Discover hidden valuables

Hidden Assets Alimony

Attorneys and our clients might use the facts acquired through this kind of inquiry to lessen or do away with their post-marriage support or alimony responsibilities. If your ex-spouse is being paid "under the table" (cash), working a new job, secretly remarried, or cohabiting with someone, covert monitoring will reveal this information. If a non-blood occupant is residing there, paying rent, and carrying out domestic chores like mowing the lawn, making changes to the property, taking out the garbage, etc., surveillance and research will also reveal this. A P.O. Box registered to the same address as the subject of utilities, or mobile phone service listed in the person's name at the subject address is some more significant pieces of proof that cohabitation has occurred.

Theft Workman's Comp Hidden camera monitoring Individual Surveillance Counter-Surveillance

The term "counter-surveillance" describes actions often made by the general people to thwart monitoring, including covert surveillance. Technical surveillance countermeasures, which involve locating surveillance equipment, are an example of an electronic approach to counter surveillance. To prevent unintentional cybercrime, such as accessing computing and mobile devices for a variety of sinister purposes, it can also comprise cover listening devices, visual surveillance devices, and counter-surveillance software (e.g., theft of financial, personal, or corporate data). The danger of surveillance is often reduced by a series of actions (countermeasures) used in counter-surveillance.

Our private investigators strive to help the public in every way that will make their daily life safer and more comfortable. If you believe that you are being watched, stalked, monitored, or followed electronically, we know to lessen or neutralize the possible effects. Let us help you. We will evaluate your circumstances carefully and arm you with the information you need to frustrate information seekers. We can travel anywhere to evaluate any scenario, regardless of our primary location, we are here to support your needs.

Workplace: Locate information required to back up a workplace inquiry

You could be unaware of the many things that occur daily at your company. Most of the time, you can trust your workers and customers, but there can come a time when dishonest behavior jeopardizes your company's reputation, financial security, and long-term success. It is to your best advantage to employ a personal investigator to carry out a covert investigation when this moment comes, and you need to know what's going on.

Workplace investigations are professionally and discreetly carried out by our team. We constantly seek out more information regarding the current scenario without ever putting your company at risk.

Some common workplace tasks employed by our agency

  • We may assist your company by running background checks

  • Checking into workers' compensation claims

  • Examining any issue that can jeopardize it

  • We can assist your HR team and other investigators while maintaining as much openness with your company's employees as you like.

We will put your needs first while conducting workplace investigations, never disclosing sensitive information to the incorrect parties, and only proceeding with your consent. We have years of experience conducting workplace investigations, so we are aware of the factors that contribute to a successful investigation and our part in it. Reach out to us to arrange an introductory appointment to learn more about how we can support your company.

Insurance fraud

In NORTH CAROLINA, we are recognized as experts in insurance fraud investigations. The vast majority of our citizens in the United States live by this principle, working hard to give back to the community while creating a life that will enable them to reap the benefits of their labor for the rest of their days.

Unfortunately, there are those people who seek the simplest solution, even if it violates the law and defrauds others. This is especially true when it comes to insurance fraud. Numerous parties are harmed by insurance fraud, including insurance companies, employers, and even the subsequent workers of the fraudster or fraudsters. Evidence must be acquired through in-depth and expert research to stop such fraud. Our detectives can support you in your efforts.

Our experienced investigators are knowledgeable about the many frauds and the steps necessary to perpetuate them. Once we are hired to investigate, our detectives will acquire and record data to support or refute claims of fraud and identify any perpetrators. We will give you a thorough packet of evidence, including all essential photographic and video graphic proof, to back up any legal measures that are taken. In addition, our investigators are available to testify as expert witnesses and support the evidence acquired with their testimony. Fraud is a crime with victims and putting an end to it is simply the first step toward giving relief and comfort to all the victims.

Contact us right now if you want the assistance of qualified private investigators while you work to put an end to false claims.

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