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It takes only a few minutes to search online for private investigator agencies near me, which include everything from top-tier businesses to amateur detectives hoping to make some extra money on the weekend. We want to make sure that you have the right information available to you so that you can find the right answers to your questions and make comfortable informed decisions. Use our FAQ's for more info.  


If you're ready to CONTACT US  we are READY to HELP You. Still  unsure and feel a bit overwhelmed or lost, it's OK this is Normal. We can assure you we are here to help guide you through process of hiring a local Private Investigator. With our YEARS of experience we have a SOLUTION for you! Find one of our Private Investigators Near Me - PI NEAR ME .

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Not all Private Investigators have the same tools, training, experience, specialization, staffing or capabilities. In fact, each PI in our Network is unique, but we only Partner with the BEST Private Investigators at PI NEAR ME. It can be difficult to tell the difference on most of these criteria when looking at most of the websites when searching for a private investigator near me. Nearly every private investigator seems to offer the same services, like surveillancebackground checksfinding peopleinfidelity investigations, etc. The descriptions all sound the same, so they begin to appear to all be the same.  


If your are looking for a PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR NEAR ME or PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS NEAR ME, you have found the right resource. PI NEAR ME is a network of trusted, licensed private investigators and detectives spans across the entire country with local services available in all 50 States. Our team of licensed private investigators near you are law enforcement trained and consists of detectives with specialties ranging from cheating spouses to criminal defense investigations, insurance fraud investigations, and background checks investigations. Regardless of your case, our Private Investigators and Private Detectives understand the importance of your case and the sensitive issues surrounding confidentiality and conducting discreet investigations. We might be the closest PI to your home or business, but are definitely Near Me in every way.

Private investigators can provide other services in your area, including background checks, surveillance work, and locating missing persons to surveillance patrols. Private investigators may work for private individuals, companies or law firms and most private detectives have some form of government agency training.

If you are considering searching for a private investigator near me, you’ll want to check their credentials and memberships before you pay for their services. Always ask for references and examples of past cases when talking to private investigator agencies, so that you know exactly what services they offer. Find out how long they’ve been in business and whether they are well-established within the local area.

When searching private investigator services near me make sure your chosen company is local, it may sound like an obvious one but some get it totally wrong and can end up costing double, which could have been averted with a little due diligence.  If something goes wrong, it will give you an opportunity to speak directly with an actual person instead of having all communications routed through distant operators!  This is a big one for us at PI NEAR ME, just because google or any other search engine for that matter has shown you results for a private investigator near me doesn’t mean the company is near you.  Some of these investigation companies can be hundreds of miles away and most are south of the border.

Top tips when searching for a private investigator near me 

  • Type private investigator near me in the search bar

  • Click on the website and find the home page of that site, at the footer you will see the correct address for the business.

  • Make sure you check the reviews, these can be easily spammed. Click on one of the names to see if the same person has provided a review for the same company in multiple locations throughout the USA.  (Note most private investigation companies won’t have hundreds of reviews as most will likely work with people who don’t want their details, business and personal life spread over the internet)

  • When you find an investigations company you believe to be near you, call them but listen out for the accent.  (Note not all will be hundreds of miles away if they don’t have a local accent)

  • Ask if you can attend the office to meet in person (PI NEAR ME Investigators will meet with clients anywhere in the USA at one of our discreet locations).

Overview of Private Investigators Near Me in Your City:

PI NEAR ME has the BEST Private Investigators in ALABAMA, CALIFORNIA, FLORIDA, TEXAS, OHIO, PENNSYLVANIA, MISSISSIPPI, NEW YORK, MARYLAND, VIRGINIA, GEORGIATENNESSEE . Visit our Locations page to find a PI NEAR ME in your area! Our Private Investigators not only service entire states but also specialize int the largest cities in the United States. You can find us in NEW YORK, LOS ANGELES, CHICAGO, DALLAS, HOUSTON, WASHINGTON DC - ARLINGTON, PHILADELPHIA, ATLANTA, MIAMI, FT LAUDERDALE, PHOENIX, SAN DIEGO, RIVERSIDE, SAN FRANCISCO, and DETROIT to name a few.  We are experts with a large, diverse staff of professionals who specialize in Investigations. Our team is only a short drive away and we have actual local offices where you can come to meet with our team and discuss your needs.








Let’s start with the reason why it has to be a private investigator and no one else. The reason why it’s worth hiring a Private Investigator from PI NEAR ME is that we’re trained, qualified, and licensed to gather information – all within the limits of the law. It won’t do you any good to obtain condemning evidence if you can’t use it in court. Moreover, you can call on them as expert witnesses to testify in court, if need be. Since they’re usually licensed in various states, you won’t have to worry about the discrepancies between different state laws.

When you hire a Private Investigator from PI NEAR ME our experience and background will show when it matters most, whether it’s a written report, a photo, or a video, is the evidence that you may need in court. The end result requires any evidence and supporting information must be high quality. In many court cases, concrete proof can give you enough leverage to get a settlement without needing to go to court. Make sure that your PI isn't prioritizing Quantity over Quality. When hiring a private investigator, don’t just shop around for the lowest price. Premium rates usually mean that the agency has a solid reputation that warrants the price.Budget private investigators either are struggling to get business or know that they can’t get excellent results.


The irony is that, if you’re managing a business, the more profit you make, the greater your risk of falling into fraud. Unfortunately, there are various ways you can fall victim to fraud without even realizing it’s happening. The good news is that a private investigator can easily unearth possible fraud scams and even help you out with ongoing embezzlement. You can also hire them to run background checks on applicants or employees to minimize the risk of foul play.

Similar to unearthing fraud, you’ll be wise to hire a private investigator before jumping on an investment opportunity. We live in a world where there’s nothing easier than fabricating documents and evidence. No matter how promising a project may be, it’ll be much safer to trust the results of the investigator rather than the words of those trying to sell the project.


Hiring a Private Investigator from PI NEAR ME can help put your mind at ease and they can help you in circumstances where you wouldn’t know where to start. Some of these issues are SERIOUS personal matters and often times carry deep Mental and Emotional tolls on individuals.

  • MISSING PERSON - Tracking a person

You may want to track a person to make sure they are safe, or you could be tracking a partner to make sure they are being faithful. Businesses may also want to track their vehicles incase of theft or if they suspect their vehicles are being used outside of the companies fair usage policies.

Whatever the reason for wanting to track a person a private detective can help set it up for you without the other person knowing. These trackers can be set up for long term usage and updates can be provided in real-time through Apple and Google Maps.

GPS tracking is very useful in cases where you may suspect a cheating partner as it’s very easy to prove the person was not where they say they were at a given time. The trackers are very powerful and can usually pin point a persons location within a few feet.


​From marital infidelity to asset hiding, divorce may make reasonable people take unreasonable actions. A private investigator can help determine the truth behind any suspicions and provide evidence to support your position. Uncovering a partner’s unfaithfulness can be painful and traumatic. But if such a betrayal leads to divorce, it can also give the innocent spouse an advantage in the proceedings. Faced with evidence of their betrayal, a cheating spouse may be more likely to agree to a favorable settlement rather than having their affair exposed in a courtroom and, by extension, the public.


When parents are unable to reach an amiable solution to child custody, they may become secretive, vindictive, or irrational. A private eye can get to the bottom of asset searches or conduct surveillance to ensure that each child’s safety and best interests are protected.A child custody private investigator can help you supply the court with evidence to ensure it makes the right decision. A PI can be especially helpful if you believe your ex-partner of neglecting or abusing your child. He or she can gain proof of this behavior that will persuade the court to award you custody. With little or no evidence, your word will be against that of your ex-partner. Without proof, your word will carry little weight in court. A Colorado private investigator will be able to gather information that will guarantee the court meets the best interests of your children.


Private investigators can be used in a variety of situations to find out information that would otherwise stay hidden. There are various reasons to hire a private investigator. In general, whenever you need any kind of information you can’t seem to obtain, you can bet a private investigator will do a better job. People hire private investigators for a lot of personal, professional, and legal matters. So, if you’re ever torn in a financial matter, you’ll be wise to seek their help. They’ll provide you with the information you need to make sound financial decisions.

  1. Most states require PIs to be licensed, so ask to see an investigator’s credentials before you hire them.

  2. Meet with investigators in person before you pay for services to discuss scheduling, agree on costs, and go over the relevant information they’ll need to crack your case.

  3. Be patient while the investigator works; it can take a lot of time for a private investigator to track down the information you want.

  4. You cannot ask a PI to do anything illegal.

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Greatly appreciated the tremendous effort Investigations Company put forth in my investigation. I wouldn’t recommend anybody else for your investigative needs. Thanks again!

Michael Clifford - Google Review

I am so thankful for this awesome team! They have helped finish a case my husband has been working on for 4 years! VERY professional, VERY speedy. Thank you for all that you have done!

Gloria P. - Yelp - Review

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