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How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost?

Private Investigator Service Fee

How Much Does a PI Cost?

One of the most basic and often asked questions for a Private Investigator service is COST!

We will do our BEST to attempt to answer How much does a Private Investigator Cost or How much does a PI cost for you! As a note, this is a very wide ranging subject and we want to be transparent with you as most often there is NOT a "ONE COST FITS ALL" here.  What's important to keep in mind and a thought to consider is use as much information you have collected to determine a COST for a Private Investigators service. Also, one idea that is most often not considered is "YOUR TIME" and "ENERGY" as most of the situations that require a Private Investigator are NOT SIMPLE cases. Sometimes  there is some emotional impact and what's key is to approach the situation with a clear purpose and direction. This will help not only you have an honest outlook on the situation but can also help keep the overall cost associated with a Private Investigators service. It always helps to be prepared in any situation.  However, at PI Near Me, we have the Best Private Investigators available at your fingertips. Our knowledge and experience are second to none. This is where we can help you streamline your desired outcome and keep your cost expectations to a minimum!

How Much Does a Private Investigator Charge?


A person or company may require the services of a qualified private investigator for a variety of reasons. There are several things you should consider before hiring a private investigator, including their fee schedule. The cost of hiring a private investigator is one of the most frequent questions we receive at our agency. The truth is, it varies, however it is always established under a contractual agreement when you employ us. Unfortunately, there is no "one size fits all" approach to an investigation because no two situations are exactly same.


Please get in touch with us here to ask a professional private investigator about our fees.


Hourly Rate Fee vs Flat Rate Fee

While certain services can be charged at a fixed cost, doing so for other services will only disadvantage the customer and probably have a negative effect on the investigation's outcome. Services of the following kinds are frequently charged at a fixed rate:


  • Background Check

  • Establishing who owns a particular phone number

  • Performing a "Skip Trace"

  • Finding a Person

  • Performing a "Bug Sweep"

  • Looking for a GPS in a vehicle

  • Computer and mobile device forensic investigation


Our agency can provide these services on a flat rate basis because the cases are typically simple to handle and either have a standard procedure for gathering the information or we have relationships that allow us to keep our costs under control and pass those savings along to our clients. Even though the service you need is normally provided at a fixed cost, there are always exceptions when it may not be possible to do so.


Hourly Rate Fee

An hourly cost is often charged for larger investigations that typically need more time and effort. An hourly cost would be required in cases that require extensive study or investigation, including those requiring witness statements, background checks that draw court records from numerous places, and surveillance. The industry average hourly wage is between $85 and $150. Although there is typically a broad variation in the hourly rate, the lower hourly rate is used in the majority of circumstances. The following are some examples of the services that are invoiced hourly:


  • Surveillance

  • Extensive investigations into missing persons

  • Cases of Criminal Defense

  • Complex Process Service

  • Infidelity / Cheating Spouse Cases

  • Lifestyle Assessments

  • Investigations into Insurance Fraud


The Value of Creating a Budget for Your Investigation


We can't emphasize enough to clients how crucial it is to set a budget for the initial study of their case. This is significant for several reasons.


  1. It establishes the highest amount of money you are willing to spend on your research.

  2. Instead of taking the "let's examine everything" approach, it enables you and the private investigator to decide which topics should be explored first.

  3. It gives you the chance to regularly examine your case to make sure it is moving in the appropriate way, that time is not being wasted on areas that are no longer relevant to the case, and, last, it puts you in charge of the cost of the investigation.


Employing a qualified private investigator is an investment in your circumstances, and like with any investment, you need to use your resources wisely.


Investigation Fee Deposit


An initial deposit you make into an account to cover a certain number of hours to be spent on your case is called an investigative fee deposit, often referred to as a retainer payment. Fee deposits sometimes include estimated expenditures for your case. The hours worked and the expenditures incurred in your case will be deducted from the deposit. When the deposit has been used up, it's a great time to assess where your case is and decide whether to press forward or close it. If you've ever used an attorney, you've probably seen how a fee deposit works.


Why It's Worth the Investment to Hire a Licensed Private Investigator.


Employing a qualified private investigator is an investment in your case and, frequently, in your life. Because of this, it's crucial to confirm that the private investigator you hire has the necessary training and credentials. When hiring a private investigator, the adage "cheap isn't good and good isn't cheap" has never been more accurate. An experienced investigator charges extra for their time because, like attorneys, they have invested in their careers and have acquired the skills essential to effectively gather the evidence your case demands. Nobody likes to spend money training their investigator to look at their case.


You should inquire about the investigator's strategy for your case while speaking with them. Here is where you will first see how experienced they are. Based on the facts you supply, a knowledgeable investigator ought to be able to determine without doubt how they would approach your case. Also, be prepared to respond to a lot of inquiries. This will enable the investigator to comprehend your case more fully. Ask the private investigator how much they charge and how long they anticipate your case will take to resolve based on the information you want before you employ them. These initial consultations are frequently without charge. In order to make the related costs apparent, be sure to have a comprehensive contract and to wrap up the case with an itemized list of expenses and records of activity. Any additional costs that come up throughout the inquiry should be disclosed to you by your investigator.

A quality investigation may effectively address your questions, even if hiring a private investigator might be intimidating and the costs could appear to build up. The cost of engaging a skilled private investigator is frequently justified by the peace of mind and truth that they may provide.

Did this HELP Answer your question on How much does a PI Cost?

We know this is a lot of information to consume in a short period of time. Our GOAL here was to help you navigate all the information that one can google on the general question of "HOW MUCH DOES A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR COST?" or "HOW MUCH DOES A PI COST?". At PI Near Me our sole purpose is to HELP you through any situation. Use our site to gather FAQ's and get comfortable with ours services. LAST but not least, CALL US or CONTACT US for a FREE NO OBLIGATION Review of your SITUATION! We are only a phone call or submit your contact information and our Private Investigator will get back to you immediately!

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