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I had suspicion my phone was tapped. I reached out to PI Near Me and verify my assumption and I was correct. They did a phone forensics and gave me information I never thought I would find. PI Near Me did this all the same day. Thank you for your professionals and quick response.


4 Reviews

Missing Person

My stepson walked out in the middle of the night and I had an idea as to where he was Long story short, using PI Near Me we were able to locate him with another friend who he fled with across state lines! This service gave me immediate piece of mind and kept my wife from having a mental breakdown!


4 Reviews

Best background Check for me

This was super simple and easy to sign up with! Will have Jon assist again!


4 Reviews

Employee Theft

Paul was an Awesome investigator! he helped me through all the issues for 2 months and represented me in court!


4 Reviews

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4 Reviews and Counting!