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Vermont Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

Vermont Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

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PI NEAR ME - Vermont Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

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The Vermont Private Investigator Firm is a premier full-service private detective agency serving all States across the state of Vermont. We investigate all types of cases ranging from cheating spouses to child custody and background checks to complex digital forensic issues on computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, and iPads. With The Vermont Private Investigator Firm, we are your private investigation agency that can service all of your investigative needs nationwide through our established network of professional investigators.

Our private investigators give their clients the data and proof they require in order to make wise decisions and minimize risks. We offer a wide range of services, which means you only have to talk to us about all of your investigation needs.

To safeguard your family or business, you need to hire a reputable private investigator who can gather the facts and produce the admissible evidence you need in court. Our private investigators hold valid licenses, insurance, and certifications. You deserve to work with a private investigator who knows how to plan and carry out an investigation expertly and successfully.

Your initial consultation is free. Call us right now to receive the surveillance you need to prove your case or the data you need to make a significant life-altering choice!



Common reasons for background checks

  • Employment/Business Affairs

  • Specialist/home repairs

  • Child Safety

  • Relationships

  • Criminal History

  • Driving History

  • Education

  • Bankruptcies

  • Liens/Judgements

  • Civil Records


Common reasons for using GPS tracking


  • Do you think your partner or spouse is cheating on you?

  • Does your spouse claim to be working late, but you think they’re elsewhere with their lover?


  • Teens may withhold the truth of their whereabouts. Rest assured our custom and discreet GPS tracking services will give you peace of mind on your teen’s whereabouts.


  • GPS can be useful for our investigators to stay undetected by the suspect while obtaining the necessary evidence. Additionally, by assisting our detectives in avoiding getting lost while searching for the suspect—since traffic, speeding, and reckless driving may affect our investigation—this can save time and money.


Skip tracing could be an excellent solution to satisfy your demands if you need to locate someone. It's difficult for the average person to find people who leave town for a variety of reasons, especially since they probably don't want to be located. However, our detectives are able to locate the missing individual, thanks to our vast databases and specialized equipment.

Here are some frequent reasons why people choose to work with us:

  • Missing Child/Persons

  • Adoption

  • Living will/trust

  • Child Support

  • Alimony

  • Legal justifications


To gather and record information about a person, we carry out covert mobile and stationary physical surveillance. Although we frequently advise and deploy two cars, occasionally single-vehicle surveillance is adequate (i.e., two investigators). To collect as much real-time data as quickly and correctly as possible, top-notch cameras and other equipment are utilized.

There are several justifications for monitoring, including:


  • Have your spouse's actions changed in any way recently?

  • Have there been any unexpected absences, calls, texts, emails, or other correspondence?

  • Do they often erase their recent calls and/or texts?

  • Do they constantly have their phone with them?

  • Do they seem distant or confrontational, or have you discovered an additional phone in their car?

Child Welfare

  • Is a parent going by the terms of a parenting plan that a judge has ordered?

  • Child custody proceedings, including proof of cohabitation.

  • Are there any worries regarding a child's safety while in the custody of a different parent or guardian?


  • Is a former employee in breach of a non-compete clause?

Workman’s Comp/Malpractice

  • Lawsuits alleging malpractice

  • Abuse of the Family and Medical Leave Act

  • Injuries fraud

  • Insurance theft

Additional types of surveillance:

  • Hidden Camera Surveillance

  • Personal Surveillance

  • Counter-Surveillance

Our investigators possess the knowledge, skills, technological resources, and tools necessary to effectively observe, record, analyze, and report their results. Online and database research are always a part of our pre-surveillance effort and on-site activity inspections may also be part of it.

There are situations in which it makes sense to conduct comprehensive research into the subject's past. Every case is worked on with the understanding that every surveillance investigator will eventually have to testify in court about what they found and why. Our clients even receive a thorough surveillance log along with supporting pictures and video proof.



  • Are you aware of the whereabouts and activities of your employees?

  • Have you had any inkling that goods are being stolen right under your nose?

  • Do your staff members misuse company time?

  • Do they overstock your delivery van with excess items and make unauthorized stops?

If you don't stop doing the things above, they could end up costing you tens of thousands of dollars.

Insurance Fraud

Insurance companies cover a wide range of claims, including coverage for personal health and death benefits as well as for tangible assets like cars or buildings. These businesses are deluged with claims, ranging from fake vehicle accidents to slip-and-fall incidents. These lies and deceptions can only be uncovered with the help of a qualified investigator. Investigators are often hired by insurance companies because they think that people are making up claims or making up fake claims, or to follow up on cases that are already open.


Technical assaults and electronic eavesdropping pose an increasing concern. The cost of surveillance gear, including cameras, audio bugs, GSM listening devices, and GPS trackers, may be as low as a few hundred dollars in some situations. These gadgets are available for purchase online and at a nearby spy store. Consequently, it would be simple for someone to overhear your private discussions.

Our investigators may assess your company, agency, home, or any extension to you, to make sure all protections are in place to limit that chance of eavesdropping or becoming the target of an attack or using countermeasures.

Reasons for a Technical Bug Sweep


Without a professional bug sweep, individual might suffer a significant loss at the hands of a successful eavesdropping attempt. In contrast, the cost of an efficient counter-surveillance service is a small price to pay. Additionally, situations involving private residential clients who are engaged in legal disputes, civil cases, and divorce are also addressed.


Important company information is a prime target for people who may want to compete with you on a level playing field because it may cost corporations up to millions of dollars to acquire. A whole range of technical attacks using technical means to steal business and personal information are increasingly being detected by our investigators.

Talk to a detective in Vermont today to get a free quote from one of our licensed private investigators.


We are a full-service investigative firm that specializes in insurance and workers' compensation fraud, domestic investigations and surveillance, attorney services, and criminal investigations. We are ideally positioned to deliver discreet, professional investigative services, drawing on years of experience in all these areas.

We distinguish ourselves from other private investigators by our attention to detail and commitment to achieving excellent professional results on each case we accept. Our agents have the experience, resources, and pride necessary to ensure that your investigation yields the finest possible results.

We won't take your case unless we're certain we'll be able to give exactly what you've asked for. Each case begins with a thorough examination of your goals, followed by an investigation strategy tailored to your specific needs. Each case is methodically tracked, with all information thoroughly analyzed as it emerges, assuring that case objectives are in line with your objectives. All investigations are carried out in a timely and professional manner, with a brief and well-written report supplied at the end.

We recognize and realize that investigations can entail highly sensitive, emotional, and private circumstances that require the highest care and discretion. We will make every effort to provide a pleasant environment to reduce the tension that comes with dealing with sensitive issues.

Our top private investigators have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as a high level of ethics and diligence. We take pride in our outstanding reputation as one of Vermonts finest private investigators and detective firms, and we continually provide our clients with legitimate reasons to refer us to others.

Throughout Vermont, our expert staff performs surveillance daily in difficult and unique places. Our investigators are experienced in adjusting to their surroundings and can employ a variety of vehicles. We use cutting-edge still and video surveillance technology. Hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, and undercover technicians are all available to help in any situation. We don't get caught and remain undetected while delivering the results you require.

You have a problem, which is why you've come to us for help. We specialize in uncovering the truth and providing peace of mind.

Available Professional

Criminial Investigations

Background Check can range from a simple peek into someone’s criminal and civil history all the way to an extensive comprehensive background check to include criminal and civil history, bankruptcy, driving records, credit history, address history, relationship history, marital history, employment history, reputation and credibility checks.

Missing Person

Our Missing Persons Investigators are experienced private detectives who have extensive training perform missing person investigations with quick and accurate results.

Computer Forensics

Is Your Cell Phone Being tapped on or Bugged? Cell phone hacking has become an extremely profitable crime. Go to great lengths to make sure their spy software is undetectable on your cell phone.

Domestic Affairs

Are you concerned your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend may be having an affair? The Cheating Spouse Investigations works with the best cheating spouse investigators in the State. We use covert and overt video surveillance equipment to obtain the evidence you need. Still frame photography is available as well.


Surveillance is one of the most underutilized tools in an investigator’s tool bag when conducting an investigation. Often it is because surveillance requires a specific skill set that many investigators do not possess. 

Fraud and Identity Theft

If you suspect your employee(s) are conducting illegal activities at work, contact The Employee Theft Agency and get the facts and catch them in the act. You can find out if the are they sleeping on the job, find out if there is interpersonal relationships disrupting daily activities, or find out if some of your products are walking right out the door

I am so thankful for this awesome team! They have helped finish a case my husband has been working on for 4 years! VERY professional, VERY speedy. Thank you for all that you have done!

Gloria P.

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