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Idaho Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

Idaho Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

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PI NEAR ME - Idaho Licensed Private Investigator and Detectives

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The Idaho Private Investigator Firm works with experienced private investigators and detectives in Idaho.

Are you looking for a local Idaho private investigator that is licensed in the state of Idaho? If so, the Idaho Private Investigator Firm makes it easy to find ID private investigators near you.

The ID Private Investigator Firm works with the best private investigators and detectives in Idaho. Our Idaho investigative team works with former law enforcement officers as well as other local Idaho private investigator companies.

The ID PI Firm private detectives in Idaho understand the importance of conducting discreet investigations.

Contact one of our ID private detectives today for a free consultation. Idaho PI Firm offers affordable investigative services for the state of Idaho.

Idaho Background Checks

Do you need to get a background check for someone in Idaho? If so, you have come to the right place. Our background checks are used for several reasons.

Are you needing to check up on someone in your life or are in the middle of a legal case? If you are, a background check can be an invaluable tool.

Idaho Cheating Spouse Investigator

Looking for a Idaho Cheating Spouse investigator? Are you concerned that your wife, husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend is having an affair? If that’s the case, our Idaho cheating spouse private detectives can get the answers you need. The PI Firm can find out if your significant other is having an affair.

Cheating Spouse FAQs

  • What does hiring a Idaho private investigator cost?

  • How do I hire a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse in Idaho?

  • What is the state law against a cheating spouse in Idaho?

  • How Much Do Idaho Private Investigators Cost?

Idaho Missing Person Investigator

Our network of Idaho PIs have years of experience locating missing people. The Idaho Private Investigator Firm makes it easy to find private investigators in Idaho.

If you need to hire a Idaho Private Detective, then you have come to the right place. We help people find the best professional investigative companies in Idaho.

Idaho Child Custody and Family Law Investigator

We work with a group of trusted Idaho child custody detectives that have the experience in presenting evidence and testifying in court. Contact us today and let us give you peace of mind.

The Idaho PI Firm investigators also conducts family law investigations for the following matters:

  1. Divorce

  2. Child custody

  3. Move away matters

  4. Proving income for child support and spousal support

  5. Proving a parent to be unfit

  6. Family law tailored background check

Idaho Video Surveillance Investigator

Do you need to hire a video surveillance expert in Idaho? If you do, our ID PI Firm can help you get high quality video footage for your case.

Talk to a private detective in Idaho today to get a free quote from one of our licensed private investigators.


We are a full-service investigative firm that specializes in insurance and workers' compensation fraud, domestic investigations and surveillance, attorney services, and criminal investigations. We are ideally positioned to deliver discreet, professional investigative services, drawing on years of experience in all these areas.

We distinguish ourselves from other private investigators by our attention to detail and commitment to achieving excellent professional results on each case we accept. Our agents have the experience, resources, and pride necessary to ensure that your investigation yields the finest possible results.

We won't take your case unless we're certain we'll be able to give exactly what you've asked for. Each case begins with a thorough examination of your goals, followed by an investigation strategy tailored to your specific needs. Each case is methodically tracked, with all information thoroughly analyzed as it emerges, assuring that case objectives are in line with your objectives. All investigations are carried out in a timely and professional manner, with a brief and well-written report supplied at the end.

We recognize and realize that investigations can entail highly sensitive, emotional, and private circumstances that require the highest care and discretion. We will make every effort to provide a pleasant environment to reduce the tension that comes with dealing with sensitive issues.

Our top private investigators have a wealth of knowledge and expertise, as well as a high level of ethics and diligence. We take pride in our outstanding reputation as one of Idaho's finest private investigators and detective firms, and we continually provide our clients with legitimate reasons to refer us to others.

Throughout Idaho, our expert staff performs surveillance daily in difficult and unique places. Our investigators are experienced in adjusting to their surroundings and can employ a variety of vehicles. We use cutting-edge still and video surveillance technology. Hidden cameras, GPS tracking devices, and undercover technicians are all available to help in any situation. We don't get caught and remain undetected while delivering the results you require.

You have a problem, which is why you've come to us for help. We specialize in uncovering the truth and providing peace of mind.

Available Professional

Criminial Investigations

Background Check can range from a simple peek into someone’s criminal and civil history all the way to an extensive comprehensive background check to include criminal and civil history, bankruptcy, driving records, credit history, address history, relationship history, marital history, employment history, reputation and credibility checks.

Missing Person

Our Missing Persons Investigators are experienced private detectives who have extensive training perform missing person investigations with quick and accurate results.

Computer Forensics

Is Your Cell Phone Being tapped on or Bugged? Cell phone hacking has become an extremely profitable crime. Go to great lengths to make sure their spy software is undetectable on your cell phone.

Domestic Affairs

Are you concerned your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend may be having an affair? The Cheating Spouse Investigations works with the best cheating spouse investigators in the State. We use covert and overt video surveillance equipment to obtain the evidence you need. Still frame photography is available as well.


Surveillance is one of the most underutilized tools in an investigator’s tool bag when conducting an investigation. Often it is because surveillance requires a specific skill set that many investigators do not possess. 

Fraud and Identity Theft

If you suspect your employee(s) are conducting illegal activities at work, contact The Employee Theft Agency and get the facts and catch them in the act. You can find out if the are they sleeping on the job, find out if there is interpersonal relationships disrupting daily activities, or find out if some of your products are walking right out the door

I am so thankful for this awesome team! They have helped finish a case my husband has been working on for 4 years! VERY professional, VERY speedy. Thank you for all that you have done!

Gloria P.

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