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Missing Persons Services

Missing Persons Stamp and Sign

PI Near ME – a full service Private Investigator has helped thousands of people trying to locate a missing person. PI Near ME has access to the largest databases of private and public information in the United States, and can use it to find missing persons, report information, or update you on recent activities regardless of how long they have been out of touch. Our proprietary data sources give PI Near ME – a full service Private Investigator the highest success rate in the industry.

We will utilize all of our resources, identify critical links and personal relationships, navigate through name and address changes, and locate people that have been out of contact for years or even decades. Our investigators are experts at finding people and reuniting them in an efficient yet empathetic manner.

PI Near ME understands some missing person cases are of sensitive nature, we will always maintain respect for both parties’ privacy and will only facilitate contact if it is mutually agreeable.

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Experienced Investigators

Our combined Experience makes us a leader in the Private Investigation Industry. Proven results by proven experienced professionals, one valued client at a time! 


Ability to Stay
One Step Ahead

We believe in continuing education for all our team members to ensure they remain up to date and have the skills needed to handle any case successfully and competently.

Knowledge That Can Serve Your Needs

We are in a fact-finding business where results matter. Therefore PI NEAR ME Agency – a full service Private Investigator is focused on obtaining facts that produce results where it matters most, in the courtroom.

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